Jayesh Ranjan to inaugurate Aadhyasri National Conference on Women Entrepreneurship

Hyderabad, August 10th, 2023: Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, I & C and IT, Govt of Telangana, to inaugurate “Aadhyasri  National Conference on Women Entrepreneurship” on Thursday at Hotel ITC Kakatiya

 The day-long conference is organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in association with The Government of Telangana and WE-Hub. 

The theme of the conference is Beat the Odds – challenges to opportunities. 

The conference aims to provide a comprehensive platform to discuss and deliberate on challenges; promote women’s entrepreneurship, guide budding and aspirant entrepreneurs especially working & rural women; and celebrate the achievements of Indian Women Entrepreneurs.

About 20.37 percent of the MSME industry in India is made up of women-led businesses, which also employ about 23.3 percent of the labour population.

Women entrepreneurs are bringing new ideas and approaches to traditional industries, as well as creating new products and services. Despite facing numerous challenges, such as lack of access to capital and limited opportunities for skill development, their resilience, and determination are helping to change attitudes towards women in business.

It’s time to challenge the stereotypes that often hold women back and promote equal opportunities, and equal representation that help in the overall growth of the economy. By promoting gender diversity, we will be able to unlock new perspectives and solve one of the world’s most urgent issues. There is an urgent need to work towards creating a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem that breaks down barriers and offers support to aspiring women entrepreneurs.

150 delegates are expected to participate.

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