JobStrot, a tech based HR platform is set to redefine India’s HR ecosystem

Left to Right - Ms. Bhavna Udernani, MD Adhaan Solution and Mr. Dheeraj Vanjani, Co-founder, Adhaan Solution

 December 2022: Adhaan Solution Pvt Ltd, a leading provider of HR services in India today announced the launch of its new-age tech-based platform called JobStrot – a unique aggregator platform for recruiters that is set to revolutionise the recruitment industry.

Founded in 2010, Adhaan Solutions Pvt Ltd has more than 20 branches in its network in 11 important cities of India. The company has been working with both national and international organisations to fill positions in various areas of business and has played a major role in shaping the careers of more than 150,000 people.

With the launch of JobStrot, the company is aiming to reach a turnover of Rs 1,000 crores by 2025 from its present turnover of Rs 360 crores.

JobStrot aims to align with India’s emerging digital transformation and act as a bridge between the demand and supply gap. A one-of-a-kind concept, the aggregator service, brings employers and recruiters on a common platform to ensure employment opportunities for all – creating a harmonious community for hiring.

Commenting on the development, Ms. BhavnaUdernani, MD of Adhaan Solutions said “JobStrot is set to revolutionise the recruitment industry. It aims to help early and mid-career recruitment professionals start or restart their journey, and have a fulfilling career without giving up on their commitments. It is a game-changing platform that connects freelancers with employment opportunities across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, IT, and infrastructure. It offers numerous benefits for freelancers, including employment opportunities, flexibility, multi-industry reach, and no criteria for joining. There are no age restrictions or prior experience requirements, making it an ideal platform for HR enthusiasts, students, side hustlers, and people with disabilities.”

A beta test of Jobstrot has been successfully completed and more than 150 people, including students, freelancers, and homemakers have joined JobStrot. They have witnessed flexibility in timing, security, and confidentiality as well as transparency in the transactions.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), JobStrot offers an intuitive dashboard for recruiters where they can see details such as jobs posted, active jobs, offers released, and candidates who have joined. Its unique UI/UX makes it easy to use without any training. A robust back end ensures transparency in the registration process by automatically generating agreement documents as soon as someone is onboarded. Each time a candidate progresses in the selection criteria, an invoice is generated automatically. The tech also eliminates duplicate CVs from the portal, dismissing any confusion between recruiters when it comes to finalising their candidates.

Over the past five years, the HR consulting and staffing industry has grown at a rate of 20-25% per annum and is expected to maintain this momentum. To support this rapid growth, Ms. BhavnaUdernani said “We are optimistic that JobStrot will facilitate a hiring ecosystem of shorter turnaround time with the best quality candidates. Tech platforms played an important role in job creation when the world was beset by the pandemic. Now that we are almost over it, JobStrot will continue to ride on the wave of this movement and explore fresh opportunities for a healthy HR environment in the country.”

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