Karadi tales celebrated 25 years of publishing with a launch of new podcast series

Karadi tales celebrated 25 years of publishing with a launch of new podcast series

Founded in 1996, Karadi Tales is celebrating 25 years of storytelling. 26th June saw the launch of a brand new podcast called The Little Book Makers.

Karadi Tales was created with the aim of creating a space for Indian culture in mainstream children’s literature. Twenty-five years later, Karadi Tales continues to pave the way for children’s literature in India, working to bring out beautiful books that celebrate Indian culture, Indian voices, Indian art and aesthetics.

On the eve of its birthday, Karadi Tales launched its latest venture – a new podcast, The Little Book Makers, featuring authors, illustrators, musicians, and celebrities. The first episode of the podcast was launched on 26th June 2021, 6PM, with Karadi Tales editors Daya Subramanian and Deepti Ganesh. It witnessed Naseeruddin Shah, the first voice of Karadi the Bear, speaking on his work with the company, the art of voice acting, and some of his favourite books for children. The episode is now LIVE and available on all podcast sites including Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

The podcast follows a unique format where authors interview one another about the children’s books they love, books they’ve written or worked on themselves, and, if they’ve done so, their experience working with Karadi Tales. Renowned celebrities such as Naseeruddin Shah and Usha Uthup, who have worked with Karadi Tales since its early years, will also be featured on the podcast in conversation with Publishing Director Shobha Viswanath.

New episodes of The Little Book Makers will go live every Saturday at 6PM IST. Each episode will be between 20 and 30 minutes.

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