‘Khuzama Land’ Festival in Saudi Arabia’s Al-Jouf region captivates visitors

‘Khuzama Land’ Festival in Saudi Arabia’s Al-Jouf region captivates visitors06, May 2023, Riyadh: The Saudi Ministry of Culture, with support from the Quality-of-Life Program, presented the first-ever ‘Khuzama Land’ festival across the Kingdom’s Al-Jouf region. Literally translating to ‘Land of Lavender’, the fortnight-long festival showcased the spectacular vistas of lavender in the Al-Jouf region, celebrated the local and global significance of the plant, as well as offered visitors a glimpse into the unique cultural heritage and identity of the region.

For years, Saudi Arabia’s Al-Jouf region has been renowned for its vast lavender fields which have become an essential part of its identity, heritage, and traditions. Lavender, usually cultivated for its deep purple flowers, has been used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes for centuries. Its fragrant and soothing properties have made it a popular ingredient in perfumes, cosmetics, and household products.

For the Kingdom, this flower also serves as a deep-rooted cultural motif– and reflects the welcoming nature and generosity of its people. It is also the colour of ceremonial carpets rolled out across the country, which are embroidered with traditional Al Sadu patterns.

The Land of Lavender festival was a picturesque and inspiring event, where visitors had a first-hand experience of the plant’s many aspects – from culinary delights at a themed café and picnic area, to beauty products at a vibrant market.

Special theatrical performances and soulful poetry evenings highlighted the importance of lavender to the heritage of the Al-Jouf region, and its role in Saudi culture. In some areas, special night gardens offered a peaceful and relaxing experience for visitors. Stunning light projections and artwork adorned the cities’ roads, guiding visitors to festival areas and adding to the ambiance of the event.

This festival is part of an ongoing series of activities by the Saudi Ministry of Culture, which endeavours to bring people together through cultural celebrations and enriching experiences. By shining a light on the beauty of the Kingdom’s Al-Jouf region and its culture, this festival fostered a deeper appreciation of the region and build its popularity amongst local and global visitors as a fascinating cultural destination.

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