Layer One’s Newly Launched Website Offers a Diverse Range of Packaging Options

Aspirational brands necessitate great packaging to add value and attract the audience’s interest. Layer One creates unique packaging for bakeries, chocolatiers, and restaurants across India in order to communicate value and catch the audience’s imagination. Boxes, carry bags, and other packaging materials are developed, printed, and manufactured in-house at our 100,000-square-foot production unit in New Delhi’s Naraina Industrial Area. We previously only manufactured custom packaging for our customers, but with our web presence, we hope to provide smaller businesses searching for high-quality packaging with one that is both accessible and reasonable.

Every product has been carefully picked with the needs of small businesses in mind. Then, in order to maintain a cheap price, they are mass-produced in vast quantities utilizing quality raw materials. Following that, these commodities are sold in packs of as few as 5-10 items.

Layer One’s newly launched website provides a diverse choice of packaging options for small to medium-sized businesses, including cake and chocolate boxes, as well as flat-packed, kappa, and MDF boxes. The boxes also include packaging for macarons, burgers, sides, sandwiches, pizzas, cupcakes, stiff chocolate, and folding chocolate. Brownie boxes with and without windows are available, depending on your desire. The hampers include Kappa boxes and MDF boxes with options such as Drawer Hampers, Royal Magnet Box, Window Heritage Box, Double Door Box, Baskets, and Tray Hamper. Aside from that, they sell Bakery Bags and Gift Bags in sizes small, medium, and big. They also want to introduce many more items soon to cover all areas of packaging required for small and medium-sized businesses.

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