Lighthouse Canton inaugurates IDEAs Conference

Lighthouse Canton inaugurates IDEAs Conference; brings together thought leaders, innovators, and investors for exploring innovative investment strategies that drive growth

Mr. Shilpi Chowdhary - CEO, Lighthouse Canton

New Delhi, 29th April ‘2023: Leading investment institution Lighthouse Canton brought together new-age entrepreneurs, UHNI and HNI investors, global industry leaders, and stalwarts from the asset and wealth management industry for its first-ever conference on IDEAs (Investment, Disruptors, Economy & Alternatives). The inaugural event, centered around the theme ‘India’s Decade: Unlocking Growth at Global Crossroads’, was hosted in India’s national capital Delhi on 21st April 2023. The one-day conference featured thought-provoking panel discussions on various topics, including the global market outlook, India’s public and private markets, global investment structures, and residency trends.

The Lighthouse Canton’s IDEAs conference series is a platform to exchange insights, consider new ways to innovate investments globally, and serve as a catalyst to shape the future investment landscape. The conferences intend to bring to the forefront investment strategies that support and nurture disruptors and the companies leading that disruption. Such investments into businesses have previously led to the creation of new sectors, businesses, and economies. In these cases, alternative funding and strategies are usually required to further facilitate the growth of these new industries; thus forming the concept of

Lighthouse Canton’s IDEAs series – Investments, Disruptors, Economy & Alternatives.

In his welcome address, Mr. Shilpi Chowdhary, Group Chief Executive Officer, Lighthouse Canton, said, “Investments are the catalysts for growth, and disruptors are the seeds of change. Together, they create a virtuous cycle that drives new economies and transforms societies. Our IDEAs conference is a significant step towards unlocking this powerful synergy, fostering the interplay between innovation, disruption, economic growth, and alternative investments. It’s a platform where industry veterans, innovators, and investors converge to exchange insights, ignite innovation, and shape the future of investment, further propelling growth.”

The conference commenced with a thought-provoking global macro panel titled ‘Goldilocks or Recession?’, featuring Mr. Sunil Garg, Global Head of Research & Investments at Lighthouse Canton, Mr. Neelkanth Mishra, Managing Director Co-Head of Equity Strategy, Asia Pacific Head of India Securities Research at Credit Suisse, and Dr. Shubhada M. Rao, Founder of QuantEco Research. The panelists discussed the probable outcomes for major global economies, recent turmoil in the banking sector, and fault lines in the global economic environment. They also provided valuable insights on investor positioning in today’s uncertain and volatile climate.

“Amidst the looming growth and recessionary headwinds, investors must take a prudent and defensive stance in the equities market. In this environment, the healthcare and staples sector offer a shield against volatility, while a strategic allocation to gold provides a hedge against market uncertainty and as the dollar weakens. With emerging markets like India and China expected to outperform, the global financial sector also provides selective opportunities”, said Mr Sunil Garg

Consequently, the India Public Markets Panel, titled ‘India: Divergent or Decoupled’, featured prominent speakers, including Mr. Sunil Garg, Mr. Jyotivardhan Jaipuria, Founder & Managing Director at Valentis Advisors, and Mr. Samit Vartak, Founder and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at SageOne Investment Managers. The panel discussed growth opportunities and risks while also providing an optimistic outlook for investors seeking to benefit from India’s potential for growth.

Following this, Mr. Shilpi Chowdhary, Group Chief Executive Officer, Lighthouse Canton, and Ms. Shhalu Hasarram, Associate Director Private Clients, Henley & Partners Singapore shared their presentations in the session titled ‘Global Aspirations of a New India’. The presentations gave attendees key insights into the setup and considerations of offshore structures, the impact of regulatory considerations and innovations, as well as global residency trends and investment programmes.

Bringing to the fore the startup ecosystem’s significance in driving new economies, the final panel of the evening titled Venture Voice saw new-age entrepreneurs and seasoned investors share their strategies and on-the-ground experiences across various facets of India’s vibrant venture ecosystem. The panel featured Mr. Sanket Sinha, Executive Director, Global Head of Asset Management at Lighthouse Canton, Mr. Sohil Chand, CIO & Founding Partner at LC Nueva Investment Partners, Mr. Punit K Goyal, Cofounder of BluSmart Mobility, Mr. Satyam Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of LoanTap, and Mr. Vineet Sukumar, Founder and MD of Vivriti Asset Management.

“As we navigate through these challenging times, it is crucial for companies to re-align their business objectives and increase their focus on profitability to ensure they conserve cash. It is heartening to see that there are a number of startups which have been able to successfully execute this strategy and this speaks volumes of capabilities that reside within the Indian startup ecosystem. The companies have also become more prudent about capital structure planning and are efficiently using alternative sources of capital such as debt, at a time when equity is not easy to come by.”, said Mr. Sanket Sinha

Lighthouse Canton further published reports to supplement the panel discussions held. The report on the global macro panel titled “Goldilocks or Recession”, provided insights into the development of the global macro market, stance on different asset classes, and investment strategies to establish multi-asset portfolios. The report on the Indian public market “India: Divergent or Decoupled,” emphasized on the structural changes and the market characteristics of India’s public market. It also offered an analysis on how investors should position themselves to harness the potential that India holds. The private markets report “India’s Venture Ecosystem”, presented an analysis of India’s startup ecosystem along with insights on why now is an opportune time to find value and make investments.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Sumegh Bhatia, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer for India at Lighthouse Canton, said, “Our conference in India is the beginning of our quest to build a global community of visionary investors. India’s pivotal position in the world economy, poised for growth in the new decade, offers an ideal setting for this event. The IDEAs conference fosters the exploration of new ideas and technologies and we would like to thank our valued clients and partners for being here with us tonight and supporting us and being part of the first of this series. We intend to unite thought leaders, innovators, and investors to form a cohesive community, which is otherwise fragmented. We look forward to hosting a series of IDEAs conferences in Singapore, the UAE, and India in the future”

Headquartered in Singapore, with offices situated in India and the UAE, Lighthouse Canton is a leading global investment institution with an established presence in the wealth and asset management industry. The company provides innovative investment solutions to its diverse clientele, comprising accredited private clients, institutional investors, and an ecosystem of founders and entrepreneurs worldwide.

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