Lizol defeats India’s Top 10 nominated phenyls as chosen by lakhs of Indians in Lizol TestWhatYouTrust Challenge

Lizol defeats India’s Top 10 nominated phenyls as chosen by lakhs of Indians in Lizol TestWhatYouTrust Challenge28th June 2024: Lizol, India’s No. 1 floor cleaner**, has announced the successful culmination of its #TestWhatYouTrust challenge. Launched in March, the campaign invited consumers to nominate the phenyl brands they trust for household cleaning for scientific testing. The challenge aimed to compare germ-killing and cleaning capabilities of these phenyl brands against Lizol. The response was overwhelming, with over 2 lakh entries from consumers across the country.

The #TestWhatYouTrust challenge, featuring Vijay Verma as the brand ambassador, aimed to challenge the long-standing consumer trust in phenyls. Consumers often misinterpret the strong, familiar smell of phenyls as a sign of superior germ-killing efficacy. During the testing phase, the top ten phenyls nominated by consumers were compared against Lizol in an independent ISO-certified laboratory. These included prominent and commonly used phenyl brands such as Doctor, Lemonex, Gainda, Cleanzo, Cross, Trishul, Ozone, White Tiger, Floorosol and Kirubas. Lab results revealed that Lizol kills 99.9%# germs and provides 10 times more cleaning^ compared to the most commonly used phenyl brands in India.

Vijay Verma, Actor & Brand Ambassador said, “It is remarkable to see a brand like Lizol focusing its efforts on dispelling myths around phenyls, a common household product vastly used across India. With #TestWhatYouTrust challenge, consumers have been able to test their trusted phenyls and realize the importance of not blindly trusting products essential in their daily lives. The challenge has helped India make informed decisions for their households. I urge the people to re-evaluate their phenyls and opt for a better choice.”

Saurabh Jain, Regional Marketing Director, Hygiene, Reckitt- South Asia said, “Lizol has been dedicated to protecting families from germs for decades. Through the Lizol #TestWhatYouTrust challenge, we aimed to change the Indian consumer’s perception of phenyls and their superior germ-killing efficacy. Many consumers mistakenly associate the smell of phenyls with superior effectiveness. By scientifically testing the top ten nominated phenyls against Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner, we demonstrated Lizol’s superiority, offering 10x better cleaning^ and 99.9% germ kill#. This campaign reaffirms Lizol’s superiority over phenyls, showcasing our commitment to keeping Indian homes hygienic and healthy.”

Jyoti Choudhary, R&D Director, Operations, Reckitt said, “The results of Lizol #TestWhatYouTrust challenge demonstrate superior efficacy of Lizol vs phenyls in germ killing and floor cleaning when tested at the same dilution. At Reckitt, we are committed to consistently develop superior and effective products to protect consumers from germs and pathogens. Our scientifically formulated Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner gives 99.9% germ kill#, making it a great choice for maintaining hygienic floors”

To celebrate the culmination of the campaign, the brand released an ad film featuring brand ambassador Vijay Verma. The film showcases the test results, highlighting that Lizol outperforms in cleaning and killing germs. Vijay Verma then encourages people to shift their trust from phenyls to Lizol for the best results.

The culmination of the #TestWhatYouTrust challenge marks a significant milestone in the campaign’s success. By inviting consumers to participate in the scientific testing of phenyls against Lizol, the campaign helped raise awareness and challenged long-held beliefs about superior product efficacy. The campaign provided consumers with valuable insights on the importance of testing the products they use to ensure the protection of their homes. The overwhelming response to the challenge demonstrates a shift in consumer perception, with many now recognizing the need for thorough deliberation before placing their trust in household products.

** Reckitt Benckiser claim as per NIQ Retail Index data for period MAT May‘23 for the All India (U+R) market in Cleaners-Floor

# As per lab testing done vs white phenyls on representative bacteria in 1:250 dilution

 As per lab testing done vs ordinary white phenyls

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