Louis Burger launches their Nashville inspired Flaming Hot Edition Menu in Hyderabad

Louis Burger

Hyderabad 15th May: Louis Burger is proud to announce the release of five new editions of items called “Flaming Hot”. This edition is inspired by the authentic cooking style followed in Nashville, USA. They have a whole new variety of items such as the Flaming Hot Cottage Cheese Burger, Flaming Hot Chicken Burger, Flamin Hot Fries, Flaming Hot Chicken Wings, and Chicken Tenders.

Louis Burger has officially launched its newest additions in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai now in Hyderabad! These new Nashville-inspired recipes have received great reviews from customers so far. The secret of these tasty burgers is the patty dipped in their incredible Hot Sauce. The “Flaming Hot” Edition is a perfect curation for the Indian palette that incorporates rich flavors with spice. These are now available on Swiggy & Zomato platforms.

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