Meet Super Satchmo: Supertails’ Chief Happiness Officer and leader of the pack in The Happy Paws Project

New Delhi, 9th May 2023: Supertails, a leading tech-enabled pet-care startup, has launched its latest project – “The Happy Paws Project”. As a part of this initiative, the company has hired Super Satchmo, as their Chief Happiness Officer. This Project is a way of extending that happiness to everyone the company comes in contact with.


Super Satchmo’s first assignment is to sniff out his very own crew of 10 amazing pets, known as Happiness Pawficers, to join him in his quest to create a happier and more paw-some world. These Happiness Pawficers will serve as ambassadors of the Happy Paws Project and work closely with Super Satchmo, ensuring that the company’s mission to spread joy and happiness is a howling success.

“We believe that pets have the power to make our lives happier and healthier. The Happy Paws Project is our way to bring our community together and create a more holistic and engaged community,” said Varun Sadana, co-founder of Supertails. “We are thrilled to have Super Satchmo leading this initiative, and we are confident that he will find the perfect team of Happiness Pawficers to join him in his mission to deliver happiness.”

“I’m excited to join the Supertails team and bring joy to everyone I meet,” said Satchmo, the CHO of Supertails. “I promise to bring my A-game every day, and with my never-ending tail wags, I know I’ll make everyone’s day a little brighter. With that being said, I can’t wait to find the 10 new pawficers for my first project!”

The Happiness Pawficers selected by Super Satchmo will be trained to become experts in spreading happiness, and they will work alongside Satchmo to make sure that Supertails delivers happiness and joy among all pets and their parents. They will act as ambassadors of Supertails, responsible for promoting a sense of community and collaboration not only within the team but also among the wider community of pet parents. The Happiness Pawficers will also get featured exclusively on the Supertails Website and Social Media.

Supertails’ Happy Paws Project is a part of the company’s commitment to providing holistic pet care and building an engaged and tight-knit community of pet parents. With Super Satchmo’s presence and the new Happiness Pawficers team, the company aims to create a more knitted community of pet parents and a more joyful world for pets and their parents.

So come on, let’s wag our tails and spread some happiness! Join the Happy Paws Project and be a part of the paw-some team that’s making the world a happier place, one woof at a time!

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