Meet the Top Entrepreneurial Mentors Revolutionizing the Start-Up Scene

India in recent years has witnessed a surge in the number of emerging entrepreneurs who are bridging gaps in different industries through their various innovative ideas and gadgets. This surge in the number of entrepreneurs has led to a spike in the need for guidance and mentorship to ensure the success of these young businesspersons.

In the world’s fastest-growing economy like India, there is an infinite potential for hosting new businesses and mentorship can help new entrepreneurs make informed decisions and gain insights based on the experiences of established and successful entrepreneurs. Networking with successful businesspeople who have a stellar record in the industry and have access to valuable contacts, investors, and customers can also be crucial in scaling up operations.

Keeping the same in view, several entrepreneurial platforms have emerged in the past few years in India that are specialized in providing guidance and mentorship to young business owners. Some of the top players in this space are listed below.

Entrepreneurs Organisation (Gurgaon Chapter): It is an exclusive entrepreneurial community that comprises peers specializing in diverse industries. As a distinguished division of the world-renowned EO, the global thought leader on entrepreneurship, EO Gurgaon has been providing young and budding entrepreneurs with a plethora of experiences since 2016. Benefit from strong and resilient mentorship, customized learning programs, and access to global networking events – all of which play an impactful role in the new-age entrepreneurial structure. 

Startup Grind: Wherever you are in the world, Startup Grind is here to help you succeed. Founded in 2010 by Derek Anderson, this global community is present in 150+ countries, including Delhi NCR, and hosts over 100 events overall. Meet fellow founders, entrepreneurs, and startups at the community’s monthly networking events, and become a part of one of the largest entrepreneur organizations on the planet. 

Ashoka India: Join the world’s largest network of leading social entrepreneurs by becoming an Ashoka Fellow. Founded in 1981 by Bill Drayton, Ashoka India is the country’s first liberal arts private university with interdisciplinary courses taught by a global faculty. Connect with over 400 Ashoka Fellows who are working towards change in the fields of arming, education, human rights, finance, local media, and women & youth empowerment. Ashoka India serves as a cooperative network that promotes and amplifies change by uniting these changemakers. 

Founders Card: Are you a startup founder, CEO, or business owner with an innovative attitude? Then become a member of the Founders Card network, founded in 1997 by Eric Kuhn. With partnerships with the greatest travel, business, and lifestyle businesses, Founders Card provides its members with high-value incentives. Join the exclusive network membership with 100,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Blue Circle: Curated for leaders, the Blue Circle is a Gurugram-based startup founded in 2017 by Sidharth Anand. Join over 15,000 C-Suite executives who discuss opportunities, business needs, and insights on the Blue Circle app. Attend high-caliber conferences, roundtables, virtual webinars, and online publications, where the best experts, opinion leaders, and decision-makers are brought together for your benefit.

In conclusion, the combination of networking and mentorship is crucial for any entrepreneur. India’s growth economy presents a huge opportunity for budding entrepreneurs, and exposure to an established entrepreneur ecosystem across a myriad of industries can be invaluable. By bringing forth services like professional entrepreneurship communities, opportunities, learnings, and connections of a lifetime can be made available to first-time entrepreneurs.

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