Moro Hub Presents Green Certificate to Oilfields Supply Center Ltd

Moro and Oil Fields

Dubai, UAE, 10 July 2024: Moro Hub, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (PJSC), presented a Green Certificate to Oilfields Supply Centre Ltd. in recognition of their commitment to sustainability by hosting their IT workloads on Moro Hub’s Green Cloud.

This initiative underscores the successful collaboration between Moro Hub and Oilfields Supply in promoting sustainable digital infrastructure, contributing to the UAE’s and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Green Certificate was presented to Yousef AlSaadi, Vice President-Information Technology of Oilfields Supply Centre Ltd by Sultan Al Ali, Director, Digital Business at Moro Hub. This award highlights Oilfields Supply’s efforts in embracing eco-friendly practices and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

“We are pleased to present the Green Certificate to Oilfields Supply. Their choice to host IT workloads on Moro Hub’s Green Cloud represents a significant advancement in reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy. By utilizing Moro Hub’s Green Cloud, Oilfields Supply improves its operational efficiency and substantially minimizes its environmental footprint. This collaboration showcases the potential for businesses to unite in achieving sustainability objectives and supporting the UAE’s vision for a greener future,” said Mohammad Bin Sulaiman, CEO of Moro Hub.

Yousef AlSaadi remarked, “Receiving the Green Certificate from Moro Hub is a great honor for us. The award validates our continuous efforts to integrate sustainable practices within our operations. By adopting Moro Hub’s Green Cloud, we are able to enhance our efficiency while markedly reducing our environmental impact. This initiative is in line with our commitment to eco-friendly practices, embodying our core values of integrity, quality, and innovation in delivering advanced solutions for the oil and gas industry. We are excited to further our partnership with Moro Hub in driving sustainability within our sector.”

The Green Certificate serves as a noteworthy accolade, representing the concerted efforts of businesses in embracing eco-friendly practices and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. The initiative aligns with Moro Hub’s vision of promoting sustainable practices across industries.
As part of Moro Hub’s mission to foster a greener future, the Green Certificate underscores the significant role played by Oilfields Supply in supporting renewable energy initiatives. By acknowledging the efforts of organizations that have chosen Moro’s Green Cloud for their IT workloads, the step solidifies the collective commitment to environmental preservation and the advancement of sustainable practices within the digital landscape.

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