Mother’s Day Celebrations At Orion Gateway by Brigade Group



Bengaluru, 15th May 2023: The Mother’s Day weekend in Bangalore was made memorable by a special flash mob for mothers organized by Mompower360 in partnership with Westside, Orion mall, and Sheraton. On May 14th, mothers of all ages and their children danced to popular tunes in synchronized moves, bringing smiles to onlookers. The event was a hit, creating a buzz on social media and on lookers.

Westside gifted participating mothers a special outfit to honor their participation in this heartwarming event. The celebration continued at High Ultra lounge, where participating moms had a meet and greet.

“As a mom of 3 and organizer of this flash mob, I can say that there is nothing more empowering and energizing than a group of moms coming together to connect, learn, and support each other,” said Lakshmi Seshadri, Founder of Mompower360 which organizes annual conference for moms. “Through these events, we strive to create a safe space for moms to celebrate their unique journey and find the resources and inspiration they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives.”

“At Westside, we are thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary initiative organized by Mompower360 to celebrate the incredible mothers. We believe in celebrating the remarkable essence of motherhood through this unique event, which brings together families in a fun-filled and creative experience. This event was a beautiful expression of love, unity, and joy, and we are excited to be a part of such a heartwarming celebration”

The event was a great success and brought mothers and families together in a joyful celebration.

Mompower360 encourages everyone to stay tuned for their annual conference, featuring experts and inspiring moms sharing their experiences and insights on parenting, mental health, career, entrepreneurship, fashion, lifestyle, and more. The 2nd edition of the conference is scheduled for July 29th in Bangalore.

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