Nadia Sunesra, from passionate home chef to baby foods entrepreneur

Nadia Sunesra, from passionate home chef to baby foods entrepreneur

New Delhi,  Jan 2023: In India, the baby foods market is still a nascent market. Indian women still prefer to rely on healthy, home-cooked meals for their children, citing requirements such as hygiene and nutrition. And that logic was logical since most baby food available in the market were made somewhere, packaged somewhere and then put on the shelf till bought by customers. In India, mums still prefer to handpick the best ingredients and prepare the best foods for their children. Their kids get only the freshest, healthiest and most nutritious foods.

Nadia Sunesra, one of Mother Nurture’s founders, has a funny story about ‘mothers and the eternal quest for perfect baby food. Twenty years after her first two children were born, she was blessed with a third, beautiful angel. The little girl was a blessing for Nadia, not just as a parent but also because she steered her into her new entrepreneurial venture, Mother Nurture.

After the birth of her third child, Nadia had to be quick with what she laughs and calls ‘a refresher course’. She had to refresh her memory and prepare baby foods that she had long forgotten how to make. After all, it had been 2 decades since she last had any interaction with growing babies. But as a passionate home chef, she went through the drill, all over again. She and her husband Javed chose the best fresh fruits and vegetables to make and perfect stagesensitive baby food recipes that their little girl loved. And this is how Mother Nurture was born. The brand was created to share Nadia’s recipes with the world; baby foods that every parent would love for being fresh, nutritious and trusted in terms of hygiene.

Nadia’s recipes were also taste-tested by local mums and with 200+ families before they were ready for the baby foods market. The idea was to source the freshest local and international ingredients and make small batches of foods to retain their goodness. They mastered the taste and texture of each recipe to suit the needs of every child’s stage of development. Since different growth stages have different nutritional needs, and also because certain stages focus more on weaning babies off breastmilk and on making regular foods attractive to them.

In other words, Mother Nurture is all about offering tasty wholesome stage-wise nutrition to kids. And that too while keeping up with the evolving needs of modern mums who seek convenience, taste and health for their little ones.

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