NMDC hosts Talk on Cyber Security Awareness

NMDC hosts Talk on Cyber Security Awareness

Hyderabad, 7 October 2022: National Miner NMDC conducted a Talk on Cyber Security Awareness at its Head Office in Hyderabad today. The company is observing National Cyber Security Awareness Month celebrated in October every year by public and private companies together to enhance the overall resilience of the country. NMDC’s CMD Shri Sumit Deb and Director (Finance) Shri Amitava Mukherjee encouraged the building of a secure cyber infrastructure at NMDC while Shri Krishna Sastry P, Partner, E&Y delivered the Keynote Address.

Shri Krishna Sastry P presented statistics on global cost of cybercrime and next generation attacks. He highlighted the need to build cyber discipline in individuals, organizations, and nations. Addressing NMDC officials, he said, “As NMDC builds its digital infrastructure, cyber security will play a pivotal role going forward. The company has put in place a robust Information Security Management and Governance System. NMDC employees must demonstrate cyber vigilance and strengthen the ‘firewall’ of the company and the country.”

“It is difficult to say if we are masters of technology or slaves of technology today but the fact is that technology is here to stay. Users can take charge of how they interact with technology with a behavioral change. As NMDC’s cyber warriors work day in and day out to protect us, we must also behave responsibly on the web” said Shri Amitava Mukherjee.

Appreciating the deliberations of the talk, Shri Sumit Deb added that, “Government of India’s vision of a Digital India is aimed at empowering people and organizations of the country. In line with this vision, NMDC is foraying towards digitization and automation. It is our company’s responsibility to protect our employees and stakeholders as they protect us by being vigilant, aware, and safe in the digital world.”

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