Planet SIM Sets New Standards in Water Management: 600 million (60 cr) Litres Managed in Pune’s 15,000 Flats

 Planet SIM Sets New Standards in Water Management: 600 million (60 cr) Litres Managed in Pune's 15,000 Flats   Pune, 07th August 2023: Planet Smart City, a leading global player in the affordable housing market integrating Proptech and ESG-compliant solutions in real estate developments, has achieved a significant milestone, in India, in its pursuit of creating efficient and environment-friendly communities. The company today announced that it has successfully managed an astounding 600 million (60 cr) litres of water through its advanced water management system, Planet SIM, internally developed by its Digital Business Unit. This remarkable feat was accomplished across various residential communities consisting of a total of 15,000 flats across Pune.

Since the introduction of the Planet SIM platform, Planet Smart City has been at the forefront of revolutionizing water management in residential communities. The company’s commitment to ESG criteria results among others in optimizing water consumption and promoting sustainability in residential districts. The deployment of the platform resulted in substantial water savings, witnessed in many residential complexes, with reductions of up to 25%. Currently, the system is actively monitoring and managing the water systems of 50+ societies in Pune, making a remarkable impact on water consumption patterns, with a growing pipeline of customers where the platform will be deployed soon, aiming to reach hundreds of societies before the end of 2023.

Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Marco Pilia, Managing Director India at Planet Smart City, stated, “At Planet Smart City, we are proud to achieve such a significant milestone in such a short span of 7 months, since the beginning of the commercialization of Planet SIM, and to drive positive social and environmental impact. Through our advanced water management system, Planet SIM, we have successfully managed an overwhelming 600 million litres of water across many projects in Pune. And this number keeps growing every minute. This showcases the efficacy of Planet SIM, in enabling communities to conserve water resources and contribute to a balanced future. We are tackling an increasingly important issue, solving critical pain points in a great portion of residential districts in India. Our vision is to create sustainable, inclusive, and connected communities, integrating PropTech and ESG-compliant solutions into residential developments. We are committed to building a better and greener future for all.”

We are delighted to use and benefit from Planet Smart City’s Water Management System and witness the significant impact it has had on our housing society.” commented Mr. Raosaheb, Chairman of Sparkles Avenues CHS “Through the company’s advanced technology and proactive approach to water conservation, we have experienced a remarkable reduction in water consumption, and significant optimization in running water-related operations, resulting in cost savings and a more sustainable living environment for our residents. Planet Smart City’s commitment to creating smarter, more efficient communities is truly commendable, and we are proud to be associated with their ground-breaking initiatives.”

In the societies where Planet SIM has been installed for the longest time, we achieved substantial water savings, up to 25% monthly, in a period of 12 months, translating into reducing the average monthly consumption by up to 600.000 Liters of water. If we imagine such a reduction in Societies where they had to purchase water from outside, they will witness immediate monetary benefits due to a reduction in water purchase, on top of meaningful benefits for our environment.

Furthermore, in many societies’ water management activities require 2 to 3 staff members, with Planet SIM it can be easily managed by one single person, and the additional resources can be deployed in more meaningful activities.

The data collected through the Planet SIM system holds immense potential in understanding consumption patterns and identifying outliers to trigger corrective action. Planet Smart City is actively working on utilizing this wealth of data to track and identify potential water leaks, providing continuous monitoring and timely corrective measures.

Planet Smart City’s Digital platform, with Planet SIM, aims to reach hundreds of societies before the end of 2023, and it is ready to move beyond Pune. The expansion of the customer base will help the company in reaching economies of scale and reducing the cost, moreover, the increasing amount of data collected will open new opportunities for the Company, like the ability to refine a forecasting model for household water consumption. Planet is ready to meet with Local Authorities and Municipalities to support them in tackling such an important issue like water scarcity.

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