Platforms working towards gender diversity in India

India has long been struggling to close the gender gap in the workplace, but there are a few platforms that are making strides towards this goal. Here are the top 3 platforms working towards gender diversity in India:

1- Winpe – Winpe is a platform that promotes gender diversity in the private equity and venture capital industry. They work with industry-leading firms to create a common agenda on gender diversity and support women investors and entrepreneurs with resources like mentorship, allyship, and career development programs.

2- Sheroes – Sheroes is a social network for women in India that provides resources and support in areas such as career, entrepreneurship, and health and wellness. They also feature a job board and online communities where women can connect and support each other.

3- Lean in India – Lean in India aims to encourage more women in leadership positions through peer learning in circles and campaigns to create awareness. They believe in bringing about change through small steps such as running circles and creating awareness through education.

These platforms are not only contributing towards bridging the gender gap, but they are also creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. By promoting gender diversity, they are attracting and retaining top talent who want to work in an environment where they feel valued and treated fairly.

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