Pledge 76: Igniting Minds, Honouring Heroes Infinity Learn’s initiative to empowering the children of Brave Men

Pledge 76: Igniting Minds, Honouring Heroes Infinity Learn’s initiative to empowering the children of Brave MenAugust 04, 2023: On the occasion of India’s 76th Independence Day, we proudly announce “Pledge 76: Igniting Minds, Honouring Heroes,” a heartfelt initiative dedicated to the children of our brave men that gave their lives to the country. As we celebrate the spirit of freedom, courage, and sacrifice, we want to express our deep gratitude and unwavering support for those who have given their all for our nation.

Every day, brave men and women of our defence forces – the air force, army, navy, paramilitary, police and more, selflessly dedicate themselves to protecting our nation. They stand on the line of duty, their sacrifices often unseen, and their courage often unspoken. This Independence Day, we want to pay our tribute, not just with words, but with actions that reflect our deep gratitude.

A sincere effort to give back to those who give their all. An initiative designed to nurture the dreams of the young minds who have grown up with the tales of courage, valour, and patriotism. We understand that while our heroes who have lost their lives while serving the nation, at home their children carry incomplete dreams and ambitions that require nurturing and timely support. And that’s why we pledge to nurture the dream of these children by offering a 76% scholarship on our courses for IIT-JEE, NEET, and Foundation from Grades 8-13.

As we are embarking on celebrating the 76th Independence Day, our aim is to create a pathway to excellence by offering a 76% scholarship (on total fees) for the children of our brave defence, paramilitary, police, and allied forces personnel. We wish to ignite their dreams, by playing a role in helping them achieve their ambition of becoming an engineer or doctor with our specialized coaching for IIT-JEE and NEET.

This initiative is more than just educational support – it’s a statement of admiration, a gesture of respect, a tribute to their parents’ indomitable spirit and relentless dedication.

So, this Independence Day, we invite these bright, young minds to join us in this journey of learning, discovery, and success. Let us together weave a future that not just honours the service of their parents, but also empowers them to shape the future of our nation. Because we believe, nurturing the dreams of these young heroes is the perfect way to honour the services of our unsung heroes. Infinity Learn has over one million registered users and 5,00,000 paid users since its launch, with a mission of powering learners’ progress. We are committed to creating a high-trust, high-performance culture, focusing on providing robust solutions and a comprehensive question bank for our learners.

President & CEO, infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, Mr. Ujjwal Singh, expressed his heartfelt commitment to the initiative, stating, “Pledge 76 is not just an educational support program; it is a statement of admiration and a gesture of respect for our defence forces and their families. We understand the immeasurable loss they have endured, and through this initiative, we want to show our unwavering support and care for their children’s future. With this scholarship, we aim to ignite their dreams and provide them with the best possible opportunities to pursue their aspirations.”

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