Post Budget Quote 2023-24 by Mr. Sudhakar Raja – Founder and CEO – TRST Score

Mr. Sudhakar Raja – Founder and CEO – of TRST Score (the World’s Only Human Risk Mitigation Platform).

The two new slabs that have been formed for income tax reasons would benefit salaried professionals. For all salaried professionals, the increase in the income tax rebate from 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs is a pleasant change. A new tax band at the 20% tax rate is being implemented, and it ranges from 12 lakhs to 15 lakhs. Students will have the opportunity to learn and find employment based on the new skill centers, AI-driven hubs, and data being provided for analysis by start-ups. The new national data governance policy will open up new opportunities and insights that can drive businesses.

Numerous people will find work as a result of the new nursing schools, and the pharmaceutical sector will benefit from incentives to support R&D by having more options for employment and skill development. The government’s effort to improve R&D in the pharmaceutical industry ought to be applauded. The boost in capital spending will create jobs for many people and help tide the downturn brought about by the western economies. Another intriguing project that has the potential to revolutionize the IT sector is artificial intelligence.

The removal of 3400 legislative requirements and 39,000 compliances will make doing business in India easier. Green growth has been given sectoral importance which is a welcome move.

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