Post budget quote from Cyber Peace Foundation 2023

The announcement of the government’s plan to set up Centers of Excellence for artificial intelligence is being seen as a positive step in the right direction. The establishment of these centers in educational institutions and the partnership with leading industry players is expected to drive interdisciplinary research and innovation in AI.

Overall, the establishment of Centers of Excellence for AI is a promising start, but there is still more work to be done to build a strong and vibrant AI ecosystem in India.

Investment in advanced technologies: Investing in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence can help India to improve its cybersecurity capabilities.

The Cyber Peace Foundation works to promote cyber peace through research, education, and policy initiatives. Some of the specific activities and programs it has undertaken include:

  1. Conducting research on issues related to cyberpeace, including cyber attacks, cybercrime, and online harassment
  2. Providing education and training programs to help individuals and organizations better understand and address cyber threats.
  3. Advocating for policy changes and initiatives that promote cyberpeace, including measures to improve internet security and protect against cyber attacks.
  4. Partnering with other organizations to advance the cause of cyber peace and to share expertise and resources.

– Major Vineet Kumar, Founder and Global President, CyberPeace Foundation

A social entrepreneur dedicated towards reducing cyber crime, working for Cyber Peace & for prevention of Cyber Weapons. Founded NAG (National Anti-Hacking Group) & Cyber Peace Foundation as part of the social mission.

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