Post Budget Quotes 2023 by Industry Experts

Mr, Kartik Iyer, HR Head, Covestro

“The Union Budget 2023-24 is a beacon of hope for the nation, with a focus on job opportunities, diversity and inclusion, empowering the youth, and providing the necessary skilling for a human-centric future. Kudos to the FM for presenting a budget that would enable our country to be a super power in the future and a true marketplace for global talent supply”

Mr. Arroon Gawalli, Founder and CEO of Kreditnotes and MindBrreeze

“We welcome the Finance Minister’s take on the Credit Guarantee Scheme for MSMEs. Supporting the growth of the MSMEs, the revamped schemes will be infused with Rs. 9000 Cr. to protect them from the burden of rising interest rates.

Post pandemic, companies especially startups faced misfortunes in running their operations effectively. Thanks to the 2023 budget MSMEs will get some tax benefits. It will carry the losses from 7 years of incorporation to 10 years. Facing the budget constraints to establish a company by the startups and MSMEs earlier, the present budget aims to reduce the cost of credit by 1%. This may prove to be a boon for all the startups.

Allocation of 95% of the forfeited amount for contract failure at the time of COVID -19 will further encourage the MSMEs to take bigger steps. Such initiatives will reduce the roadblocks for all the existing and future MSMEs and would help them attain their future endeavors.”

Jaya Mehrotra, a renowned Leadership Coach, Founder of Women Leadership Circle

“As a finance and banking professional and a women leader, I am thrilled to see the Union Budget 2023 being presented with a positive outlook towards India’s growth trajectory. The 7% growth estimate for the current fiscal year reflects the resilience and potential of our economy, positioning India as a bright star in the global landscape.

I applaud the efforts of the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in building upon the foundation laid in the previous budget and the vision for India@100. This budget holds immense opportunities for us to continue our journey of progress and development. I am confident that the policies and initiatives outlined in this budget will further fuel our growth, uplift our communities and empower our women.

I believe that as a nation, we have the capability and the drive to build a strong and inclusive future. I am eager to see how this budget will support this vision and empower our citizens to reach their full potential. Let us come together to build a better tomorrow and make India proud.”

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