Post Budget Reaction Quote on HR & Skilling by Mr Karan Jain, Founder, HROne

Karan Jain, Founder, HROne
“Budget 2023 is very reformative, futuristic, and inclusive and aims to be a major part of the green economy. The budget has its eye on immersive AI and digital trends while putting heavy weight on the importance of sustainability and the growth of the MSME and agriculture sectors.

Initiatives such as Make AI in India and Make AI Work in India are going to be landmark inclusions as it is important to empower the Indian tech startup environment to lead the AI trends.

The 2023 budget is breaking new ground in accelerating the education and skills development movement in India. With a focus on the large cohort of young people (Amrit Pidhi), the budget is positioning them to leverage the skill ecosystem through reskilling and upskilling, driving the momentum of the movement to its full potential.

The major focus of the 2023 budget is to train and upskill the young generation, unlocking their potential to make India a global leader. In the next 25 years, with one in four workers worldwide being Indian, it is crucial to ensure that every youth is employable to achieve this goal.”

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