Pre Budget 2022 quote: Media Industry Expectations

Ms. Shalu Jha, Co-Founder and Director, PRandit Solution Pvt Ltd

“At a time when the Covid-19 threat is still looming large on the Indian economy, the upcoming Union Budget should focus on enabling collective economic growth and supportive aid for various industry sectors, including the services sector and the media sector. At the same time, I would also like to see a focused push and incentivization for digital media platforms and startups in the media and communications industry in order to allow them to prosper. Especially given that the accelerated adoption of digital and social media networks has now given more power in the hands of the nation’s consumers, some stimulus packages and futuristic policy moves focusing on digital infrastructure building and media-tech will be furthermore welcome and encouraging” says Ms. Shalu Jha, Co-founder, PRandit Solution

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