Pre- Budget Expection Quote: Edtech Client Zamit

“Mr. Aarul Malviya, Founder of Zammit, said, “There is no disputing that the pandemic has accelerated a shift from a predominantly offline learning system to one of hybrid learning for not only school students but also post-school and university students and even career professionals. As a consequence, apart from a host of new-age tech startups offering tailored courses and curricula taking personalization to new levels, the existing educational institutions have reinvented their work models also incorporating digital mediums and formats into their everyday operations and practices. Now that the budget 2023-24 is around the corner, as an AI-powered tech solutions provider for the school ecosystem, we expect that the government should focus on the following. First, the foundational infrastructure for digital learning must receive adequate impetus in the budget in the form of financial and other policy incentives such as tax support and subsidies for private players who come forward to invest and contribute in this direction. Second, given the pivotal role that the quality of teaching plays in terms of learning outcomes for learners, the budget should make provisions that would incentivize and help in improving the teaching methods and techniques of instructors and teachers. The improved quality of teachers would not only result in students acquiring holistic learning but also make them adequately future-ready in light of the challenges that they might face in a more tech and skill-based workplace of the future. Third, the budget should ensure that digital technologies are utilized to the fullest in order to bridge the so-called access divide between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. In other words, for those students dropping off in the middle of their studies, especially at higher levels, the budget should make allocations allowing them to rejoin their educational journeys. At the same time, the budget should also encourage companies that are making efforts with a view to ensure that no child is deprived of education in this country. The overarching goal should be that every student wishing to study must be financially supported for his education.”

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