Protect Car Engines This Monsoon: Get Car Insurance on Bajaj Markets

6th July 2024, Pune, India: Bajaj Markets, a leading digital financial marketplace, provides access to car insurance offered by various insurers. The car insurance plans come with multiple add-on options that can help policyholders in securing adequate protection for their loved vehicle.


Protect Car Engines this Monsoon

Certain add-ons may offer protection for car engines this monsoon season. Heavy rainfall, waterlogging, and increased humidity can wreak havoc on car engines, leading to electrical malfunctions, rust, and other car troubles. To ensure a car remains protected during these downpours, comprehensive car insurance is crucial.

Benefits of Car Insurance available on Bajaj Markets

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Protect cars against damage caused by rain, floods, and other monsoon-related perils.
  • Multiple Insurer Options: Compare plans from various trusted insurance providers.
  • Affordable Premiums: Get comprehensive coverage starting at just Rs.2,094.
  • Cashless Repairs: Enjoy access to hassle-free repairs at network garages across India.

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