PURE EV Elevates Customer Experience with Battery Warranties upto 60,000 KM

PURE EV Elevates Customer Experience with Battery Warranties upto 60,000 KMNew Delhi, August 21, 2023: PURE EV, a trailblazer in the electric vehicle sector, is proud to announce an exceptional advancement that is set to redefine consumer expectations. With immense excitement, the company unveils its latest offering, an extraordinary 60,000 KM extended warranty on the batteries of their vehicles, setting a new standard of assurance and value for its customers.

Embodying PURE EV’s unwavering commitment to innovation, these extended battery warranties are set to revolutionize the electric vehicle landscape. Effective from August 15th, 2023, they are a testament to the brand’s dedication to delivering unparalleled value and quality to the customers.

For our flagship electric motorcycle ecoDryft and ePluto 7G PRO models, customers can now enjoy an extensive 60,000 KM extended warranty, a testament to PURE EV’s determination to push boundaries and redefine possibilities in the world of electric mobility. Equally remarkable, the 7G and Neo Models come with a substantial 50,000 KM extended warranty, reaffirming PURE EV’s dedication to setting new benchmarks and fostering unwavering customer confidence.

Talking about the upcoming offers, Mr. Rohit Vadera, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, of PURE EV, said, “At PURE EV, we don’t just aim to drive further – we’re propelling our customers into a future harmonized with the stringent regulatory norms of the EV industry. These extended warranties reflect our constant pursuit of technological advancements and our promise to provide an exceptional ownership experience.”

To ensure that every customer can embrace the EV revolution, PURE EV offers retail finance options featuring the lowest interest rates. This commitment to accessibility reflects the brand’s dedication to making sustainable transportation attainable for all.  Seamless connectivity is at the core of the PURE EV experience, achieved through the power of Bluetooth. Furthermore, PURE EV takes the lead with its innovative Smart Battery Management System (BMS) featuring path-breaking thermal management. This innovation ensures optimal battery performance and longevity, solidifying PURE EV’s position as an industry leader.

PURE EV has been expanding both its product portfolio and available via their 130+ dealerships across Pan India. The company plans to further expand its footprint across 300 cities by the end of 2023.

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