Qudify’s QR-based Complaint Box, makes compliance convenient, agile and effective

Qudify's QR-based Complaint Box, makes compliance convenient, agile and effectiveNew Delhi, September 2023: Qudify is an Enterprise SaaS platform that focuses on building software solutions for Indian MSME’s and Enterprises. Following the Meeting Room Booking Management and Visitor Management, they recently launched a Complaint Management System (CMS), the QRbased Complaint Box, to make compliance easy, digital and cost effective for all organizations – Offices, Coworking Spaces, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, cafes and more.

The QR Complaint Box assists in understanding the concerns of internal and external customers by ensuring the feedback or the complaint is captured at ease and timely resolved by the concerned authority. This is made possible due to real-time recording and effective routing of complaints and feedback, which results in an overall improvement in the operations and the satisfaction levels. In addition, it streamlines compliance management, lowering your facility’s or complex’s risk of regulatory difficulties.  It also eliminates physical complaint forms or registers and encourages reduction of carbon footprints.It prioritizes accessibility, making the complaint mechanism available to all occupiers and visitors.

Finally, the platform uses crucial insights to improve service, thus increasing customer satisfaction. White-labeled and fully customizable pages, QRbased submissions, automated mailers, analytical insights, automated reports, cloud-based architecture and removal of physical touchpoints make this product a comprehensive and environmentally friendly option for modern businesses.

Akshat Tripathi, Co-Founder and Business Head at Qudify, emphasizes this unique technology’s importance: “An effective complaint management system is the need of the hour for every organization and building. The existing mechanism to capture feedback or compliants is manual, paper based and inefficient. In general it takes multiple days for it to reach the right person and get resolved.Our QRbased Complaint Box empowers businesses across all sectors to efficiently receive, address, resolve and respond to the end user in the most fastest and efficient manner.”

 An effective complaint management system has become a vital tool for modern-day organizations, assisting them in navigating the challenges of a competitive and customer-centric environment.

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