Quotes from Industry Stalwarts on National Engineer’s Day

Quotes from Industry Stalwarts on National Engineer's DayMadhusudan Krishnapuram, VP, Product & Engineering & MD, Go To.

“India has a rich history of innovation and engineering excellence. Our journey as engineers is interwoven with the country’s rise as a global innovation hub. Our scientists and engineers have demonstrated immense creativity and value in building technologies for a world where adaptability and flexibility have become paramount. At Go To, we celebrate our engineers who create transformative solutions that transcend geographic boundaries and enable people and businesses to navigate disruptions with agility and resilience.

To empower the next generation of engineers and continue the nation’s tradition of driving cutting-edge innovation, skill development is crucial. Today, the technology landscape is highly dynamic and the skill sets required for engineers are constantly evolving. To ensure that our budding engineers are equipped with latest knowledge and best practices, we strive to provide comprehensive upskilling programs that include both technical training and leadership development. We must remember that the journey of engineering is a collective one, where everyone’s contribution adds to the tapestry of progress. This Engineer’s Day, together, let us continue to shape a brighter, more innovative and sustainable future that benefits the broader community we serve.”

Ranga Kanapathy – Chief Transformation Officer, APAC Chief Delivery Officer’, Altimetrik

“ A nation’s progress is intricately tied to its prowess in technology and innovation. India’s engineering landscape has significantly transformed, with engineers now serving as pivotal business enablers.

In my journey, I have collaborated with outstanding engineering teams at the forefront of harnessing technology for positive change. The future of engineering lies in sustainable innovation. As we look ahead, I see remarkable trends shaping our industry, from integrating renewable energy sources and the rise of circular economy practices to the proliferation of AI-driven sustainability assessments. Engineers will be instrumental in integrating sustainable practices into digital business strategies. We can optimize resource utilization by harnessing data analytics, AI, Gen-AI, and IoT and implementing blockchain for transparent, sustainable supply chain management. Additionally, digital business enablement will see engineers creating frictionless CX, leveraging cloud-native technologies, and embracing DevOps practices for rapid innovation.

The Indian engineering community is forging new paths through groundbreaking innovations, positioning themselves to excel in an increasingly competitive landscape while meeting industry demands. I urge all engineers to continue their pursuit of knowledge, embrace collaboration, and take pride in their role as architects of a more resilient and sustainable world. Together, we can engineer innovation and drive progress—one sustainable step at a time.”

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