Radio City’s Touch Me Not Campaign Ignites Change, Pledges Women’s Safety in Mumbai’s Shared Autos

Radio City's Touch Me Not Campaign Ignites Change, Pledges Women's Safety in Mumbai's Shared AutosIndia, 21 September 2023: In a resounding call for change, Radio City, India’s leading FM radio station, culminated an impactful campaign ‘Touch Me Not’. Led by Mumbai’s popular jock RJ Archana, this three-week long endeavor tackles an urgent issue – the safety of women traveling in shared auto-rickshaws within the bustling metropolis. The campaign, with its finger on the city’s pulse, aims to both shed light on the hardships faced by women in shared autos and provide a platform for their voices to be heard. And the results were nothing short of remarkable. Countless brave women stepped forward to share their experiences of harassment, finding strength in unity as they found their voices amid adversity. But what truly warmed hearts was the chorus of male supporters who dialed in to commend Radio City and RJ Archana for leading the charge in this critical mission.

To add to it, the city’s law enforcement took notice of the Touch Me Not campaign. Joint Commissioner of Law and Order, Satyanarayan Chaudhary, praised the campaign’s efforts and spoke about the efficacy of the Nirbhaya squad which has a response time of less than seven minutes for such incidents. He also mentioned that this squad is stationed at every major police station across Mumbai and is often seen on round-ups. In a show of solidarity, celebrities from various walks of life threw their weight behind the ‘Touch Me Not’ campaign, extending their support and amplifying the message. For three intense weeks, the ‘Touch Me Not’ campaign captured the imagination of the city, underlining the urgency of addressing the safety concerns of women in shared auto-rickshaws.

Mr. Ashit Kukian, CEO of Radio City, reflected on the campaign’s impact, stating, “At Radio City, we’ve always believed in becoming a voice to address societal issues head-on. The ‘Touch Me Not’ campaign is a testament to this belief, shedding light on an issue that affects our community deeply. It has not only raised awareness but also ushered in tangible measures to safeguard women in shared autos. Radio, with its far-reaching influence, has the power to inspire positive change, and we remain committed to making our communities safer.”

Shashank Rao, Trade Union Leader of Auto Rickshaw, echoed the sentiment of collaboration for safety, saying, “We would like to thank Radio City and RJ Archana for launching the Touch Me Not initiative that focuses on the safety of women. This is a serious issue and some strict action should be taken against it. That is the reason we conduct workshops where we train our auto drivers to keep a watch that women passenger travelling in their auto rickshaw don’t feel uncomfortable because of any male passenger. I believe if any female goes through such situations then she should do a police complain and bring the matter to notice. We have also written to transport department that all the auto rickshaw stands should be authorized. It has been observed that the incidents of women being touched inappropriately in sharing autos have increased. And it is the time to take action against this, so that the women feel comfortable and they get to travel safely. We will create awareness and also take action against this problem.” 

Radio City Mumbai’s RJ Archana who has spearheaded the entire initiative said, “As a female traveller in Mumbai for more than 3 decades, I can say that groping, touching inappropriately & discomforting stares are a regular happening in the city. As the instances of this happening in share autos have been on the rise, it was important to start a conversation about the safety of women and magnify the issue to bring a change. Through Radio City’s campaign Touch Me Not, many citizens of Mumbai came forward and shared their unnerving stories on-air. I am truly grateful to all the people who came forward to support this initiative and pledged to bring about a change and STOP harassment against women. Right from Joint Commissioner of Police, Law and Order – Satyanarayan Chaudhary; to Auto & Taxi Union Head – Shashank Rao; as well as Bollywood celebrities Shobhita Dhulipala, Manish Paul, Sushant Divgikar, Shilpa Rao and many others have lauded our Touch Me Not initiative and also pledged to find a joint solution. I strongly urge that each and every woman makes the right to feel safe their topmost priority. Speak up and do what it takes to make everyone understand that inappropriate touching or even staring is NOT NORMAL.”

With the Autorickshaw-Taxi Union, Radio City has already begun taking concrete steps to improve women’s safety, solidifying their commitment to #महिलासुरक्षा and #womensafety. Their Touch Me Not Campaign exemplifies their capacity to address pressing social issues and drive meaningful change in our community. One can call on the helpline numbers 103 and 100 to report any such incident and file a complaint.

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