RDash Launches PMO Services, Partners with Purplle, ICICI Bank, and More

New Delhi, 27th June 2024: RDash proudly announces the launch of its new Project Management Office (PMO) services tailored specifically for the retail industry. These services are designed to enhance project management capabilities among retail brands, driving operational efficiency and strategic success by implanting tech enabled project professionals, who set up project control tower at the brands headquarters. The launch marks a significant expansion in RDash’s service portfolio, extending its expertise to help retailers navigate the complexities of modern project management. The brand aims to target over 200 retail brands by FY25, demonstrating its commitment to shaping the project management landscape within the retail sector.

The objective of floating these services is to aim to streamline and enhance retail expansion by efficiently coordinating project tracking, ensuring timely completion, and reducing business losses from delays. Retailers face complex challenges in project planning, cost control, coordination, supplier management, and quality control. RDash addresses these by offering real-time project updates, delay alerts, and comprehensive budget tracking tools. This helps maintain expenses within budget and manage scope changes effectively. Enhanced collaboration is facilitated through seamless communication among teams and stakeholders, ensuring alignment and prompt issue resolution. Supplier development and procurement support are integral, with RDash PMO Professionals assisting in vendor training, RFP processes, and maintaining high-quality standards. Quality assurance is bolstered through runtime snag lists, quality surveys, and checklists, minimizing rework and ensuring customer satisfaction. The operational control tower feature provides transparency through configurable dashboards, enabling higher management to monitor progress, ensure timely delivery, and reduce costs. Overall, RDash PMO services transform retail expansion by addressing these common challenges, promoting efficient project execution, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality outcomes.

With clients like Purplle, ICICI Bank, Uncle Peter’s pancake & cafe and more, operating across multiple regions, RDash offers comprehensive project management support tailored to diverse markets. These services address critical challenges in the retail industry, including project delays and cost overruns, by providing specialized expertise in project planning, risk management, and resource optimization. This allows retailers to maintain focus on core business activities while ensuring timely and within-budget delivery of strategic projects.

“The retail industry operates in a dynamic environment where speed to open new stores determines success, hence efficient retail project management becomes critical,” says Puneet Bansal, Co-Founder of RDash. “Our PMO services help brands focus on their business and revenues while RDash PMO services manage their store launch & fit-outs challenges. By the end of FY25, we aim to partner with over 250 retail brands, transforming their project management practices to achieve sustained success.”

“The PMO service by RDash is perfect for retail brands looking to expand rapidly,” said Sundeep Singh, founder of Uncle Peter’s Pancakes and Cafe. “This model not only fixes the process gaps in managing fitouts but also brings the technical expertise in project management along with a vendor-network for rapidly opening new stores. Looking forward to this collaboration and growing faster with RDash by our side.”

“RDash has helped us bring in more discipline and control of our processes to manage projects efficiently,” added Navinder Narang, Head of Infrastructure and ESG at ICICI Home Finance Company. “Over the past year they have streamlined vendor coordination, improved process control, and enhanced timeline management to boost our process to digitise project management and our interior works.”

RDash’s launch of PMO services marks a pivotal moment for the retail industry, offering tailored solutions that drive operational efficiency and strategic success. By partnering with industry leaders like Purplle and ICICI Bank, RDash demonstrates its commitment to reshaping project management practices in retail, ensuring timely and cost-effective project delivery across global markets. As RDash continues to expand its footprint, it remains dedicated to empowering retail brands with the tools and expertise needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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