Real estate brands adopted COVID safety protocols

Real estate brands adopted COVID safety protocols

Most of the real estate brands are working as well as sanitizing their projects and offices. In order to contain the spread of global pandemic COVID-19 majorly the co-working spaces and malls are getting sanitized.

Maximum real estate brands are also requesting their customers and team members to follow the covid preventive protocols and come back to their normal life. As we all are aware that India is the second largest market for the coworking industry, after china. The Covid 19 pandemic has not just economically stymied global trade and tourism but also has the coworking industry as an unlikely victim.

Abdullah Mushtaq, COO, 1OAK said, “We have resumed the construction work, but with limited manpower. To protect this vulnerable section of our society, we recognize that it is very important to keep them fit so they can resume the pending work. Following the COVID-19 compliance, we are making sure that proper social distancing is maintained and we are finding ways to adhere to the norms. We are taking all possible measures to maintain proper hygienic conditions, both at our office and the project site. At our site, every worker undergoes temperature screening and it is mandatory for all the workers to wear masks. For basic hygiene and safety precautions, we are carrying out regular sanitization and fumigation. We are also providing soaps for personal use and for washing clothes to all our workers for safety measures. We are making sure consumption of tobacco, smoking, and spitting is strictly prohibited on the site campus. Additionally, we are undertaking efforts to vaccinate our workers and employees. Also, proper COVID-related signage has been installed at all common places, including entry, exits points.”

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