Rentokil PCI launches the Integrated Pest League campaign

Rentokil PCI

Mumbai, May 24, 2023: Rentokil PCI, the leading pest control service provider in India, has announced the launch of its first-of-a-kind brand campaign – ‘Integrated Pest League’. The campaign aims to promote the strengths that Rentokil PCI’s expert pest control solutions bring to customers. The campaign has been crafted to leverage the topicality of the ongoing cricket season. Adding a touch of excitement, the campaign witnesses the expert propositions of Rentokil PCI competing against some of the most formidable pest teams.

The campaign showcases Rentokil PCI’s strengths and offerings through a tongue-in-cheek competition with 10 pest teams – Cockroach Challengers, Turbo Termites, Bird Boosters, Rodent Rangers, Marvellous Mosquitoes, Fabulous Flies, Ant Avengers, Snake Snipers, Superstar Spiders, Legendary Lizards – each of whom brings in their own unique ‘strengths’ to the table.

David Lewis, Managing Director, Rentokil PCI, stated, “We are thrilled to launch our brand campaign around the ‘Integrated Pest League’. The objective is to educate our customers about the strengths of our services across all pest categories through a nail-biting competition showcasing Rentokil PCI’s unwavering determination and unbeatable expertise. As a trusted pest control service provider in India, we protect people from the dangers of pest-borne diseases and the risks of poor hygiene.”

Nandita Markandan, Chief Marketing Officer, Rentokil PCI, commented, “Strengthening the connection with the audience, the ‘Integrated Pest League’ campaign is completely in line with the core promise of the brand. The campaign highlights that in the competition between the pest teams and Rentokil PCI, no matter what their strengths, ultimately, the expertise and exemplary service of Rentokil PCI win over all the best teams.”

Rentokil PCI is running the ‘Integrated Pest League’ as a digital campaign to increase visibility among its target audience. The campaign is aimed to leverage the topicality around cricket and present Rentokil PCI as a winning brand against all pest issues.

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