RiteBite Max Protein Promotes Yoga as a Lifestyle, Partners with Art of Living on International Yoga Day

21st June 2024: This International Yoga Day, RiteBite Max Protein has announced its collaboration with the Art of Living Foundation to emphasize the transformative power of yoga, encouraging individuals to embrace it as a lifelong commitment for health and well-being.

Yoga is an ancient practice with profound modern relevance, offers holistic benefits for both physical and mental well-being. As advocates for a balanced and healthy lifestyle, RiteBite Max Protein and the Art of Living Foundation have joined hands to inspire people globally to integrate yoga into their daily routines.

Commenting on the same, Shivam Tiwari, Marketing Manager, RiteBite Max Protein stated, “Yoga is not just about this day, it’s about making a positive change in our lives. By partnering with the Art of Living Foundation, we aim to spread awareness about the profound benefits of yoga and motivate people to adopt it as a lifestyle choice.”

Adding to it. Dr. Rohit Sabharwal, Senior International Faculty of Art of Living, Director of Sri Sri School of Yoga- Rishikesh said, “Yoga indicates overall health- physical, mental and emotional. Through our collaboration with RiteBite Max Protein, we wish to propagate a healthier lifestyle, which includes healthy and balanced eating habits, along with the ancient knowledge and practices of yoga”

The collaboration between RiteBite Max Protein and the Art of Living Foundation includes a series of videos aimed at educating and empowering individuals to incorporate yoga into their daily lives.

Keeping in mind the spirit of International Yoga Day, RiteBite Max Protein encourages everyone to participate actively, not only today but every day, in practicing yoga to achieve holistic health benefits. This initiative underscores our commitment to promoting wellness and empowering individuals to lead healthier lives through regular yoga practice.

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