Roadcast Unveils Game-Changer AI Dash Cam to Transform Logistics Sector Safety

Roadcast Unveils Game-Changer AI Dash Cam to Transform Logistics Sector Safety New Delhi 11th September 2023: In a breakthrough launch, Roadcast, India’s leading innovator in automotive technology, has introduced the AI Dash Cam. Set to revolutionize road safety and security, the AI-Dash Cam marks a monumental step towards streamlining logistics. By leveraging the power of AI, Roadcast aims to enhance efficiency, optimize operations, and transform the way logistics is managed and executed globally.

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm aiding in the growth of various industries. Seeping into almost every aspect of our lives, there’s been a growth in AI’s adoption, evolution, and capabilities. From resolving issues for businesses such as costs, sustainability, safety, operational optimization, profitability, visibility, etc., AI is breaking all barriers and enabling industries to flourish.

In 2020, the total recorded 3,66,138 road accidents caused the loss of 1,31,714 lives and injured 3,48,279 people. The commercial fleet industry suffers efficiency losses of up to INR 48,000 crore per year due to accidents and fleet breakdowns. 6 out of 10 accidents can be prevented through ADAS. We have deployed over 2,500 cameras that capture more than 8,000 events daily.

“Staying at the forefront of technology, we are constantly working to improve logistics with AI-based tools. The AI-powered Dash Cam will prove beneficial for fleet management in multiple industries across geographies. The role of AI has become so prominent that it is almost indispensable to specific industries. With the incorporation of AI in Dash Cam, the operations costs can be notably lowered with increased productivity, safety, and seamless operations”, shares Rahul Mehra, Co-Founder, Roadcast.

AI applications are also greatly benefiting logistics and fleet management. In the same vein, Roadcast, with its AI Dash Cam is offering a comprehensive solution for capturing critical footage on the road. The AI Dash Cam offers driver behavior analysis such as speed, acceleration, and braking patterns, ensuring safer driving practices and optimized fleet management. A first-of-its-kind AI Dash Cam by Roadcast is also equipped with a panic button feature so drivers can quickly alert authorities in case of emergencies. The AI Dash Cam with its cloud capability, stores videos and data that can be accessed in real-time. The product is sleek and compact, ensuring a seamless installation on the windshield. With its fully-integrated design, the JC400P incorporates a high-definition 1080P front camera and a built-in 720P inward-facing sub-camera.

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