“Runway 34 a passion project for me” says Ajay Devgn

“Runway 34 a passion project for me” says Ajay Devgn
  • Tell us about Runway 34

I   have grown up on film sets, from assisting to handling the camera, from editing to taking up small tasks on the sets. These experiences have contributed to the kind of artist I have transformed into today. As an actor, I’ve always liked challenges. Exploring something new interests me a lot. This genre, aviation drama, is fairly new in the country and it’s a genre that I really enjoy. The script has a lot of drama, thrill, emotion, and suspense. In order for audiences to experience the situations with us, everything had to feel real – the aircraft, the cast, and the environment. I think reality will really grip the audience the minute they set eyes on their screens. Runway 34 is a film I think the audiences of Zee Cinema will appreciate. 

  • Do you follow any particular process when it comes to choosing your scripts?

Usually, It’s just instinctive. But with time and experience, it comes more organically as you rationalize the possibilities in your head. It also depends on what kind of cinema I want to be associated with. Sometimes, I’m feeling experimental with wanting to play an antagonist or do a period film for that matter. There is no hard and fast rule that has to be adhered to. As an actor, I can’t restrict myself to a particular kind of criteria or rules in mind. I feel like you know and feel it when it’s right, and recognize if it’s the one for you.

  • What about the movie appealed to you the most and drove you towards doing it?

It has a straightforward plot, yet the narration is so engaging. What I also liked about this film in particular is that it portrays both the actions and consequences of an event. It’s not a preachy story where the protagonist gets away with anything. there are people being fairly held accountable and questioned. The courtroom drama and the banter, the arguments made are so real and subjective. It’s quite an interesting take and brings a new perspective to the film. The fight between Amitabh sir and my character keeps you engrossed. Being able to inculcate feelings of tension and panic is a difficult thing to do. The movie is so incredibly unpredictable, nothing is obvious and that was the most exciting thing for me. In my opinion, it’s an intelligent film and I had fun filming it with such an amazing cast.

  • How was the experience collaborating with Amitabh Bachchan?

When I read the script, I just knew the role was meant to be for him. Had he not agreed, I would have scrapped the project entirely. As an actor, to be able to closely observe him do what loves doing, with so much passion, love, hard work, and dedication, it’s so inspiring. I’m constantly in awe of him both as a person and an actor. I mean it when I say that it was the opportunity of a lifetime. Even after all these years, I’ve never seen him get complacent or be underprepared, he takes all the efforts and roles seriously. I consider myself lucky to share this kind of rapport with him where I can reach out to him and present my ideas without any hesitation. There is never a dull moment with him on set, always fun and fruitful experience.

  • Tell us about returning to the director’s chair

Being in a director’s chair comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to get your vision for the film straight and get your team to visualize the same so you can eventually translate it on the screen. That film becomes your baby and you do everything in your power to make it flawless. Runway 34 came to me during the lockdown; the more I studied the script, the more I got inclined to direct it. The way I envisioned it, I was sure I wanted to cast Amit Ji in the film, and without him, I didn’t want to make the film at all! So, when he agreed to the film, it was a new wave of excitement that made Runway 34 a passion project for me.

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