Rymbal launches RymaSoft: A Polyether Based Polyurethane System to Transform Footwear Soles

Rymbal launches RymaSoft: A Polyether Based Polyurethane System to Transform Footwear SolesDelhi, July 29, 2023: Rymbal, a leading B2B player in the footwear industry, launches their latest product, “RymaSoft”, an advanced polyetherbased polyurethane system designed to meet the emerging trends in footwear requiring additional comfort, especially for outsoles. RymaSoft offers unparalleled softness, high abrasion resistance, and superior flexibility, creating a new benchmark for comfort with performance in the footwear industry.

The demand for footwear with extra cushioning in the slipper and sandal categories has been steadily growing. Recognizing this need, Rymbal‘s primary objective for introducing RymaSoft is to provide footwear and sole manufacturers with a cutting-edge solution using advanced polyether technology, offering enhanced features without compromising mechanical properties.

Mr. Shersingh Kumar, CEO of Rymbal, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “It is our pleasure to unveil ‘RymaSoft’,  a game-changing solution designed to revolutionize the manufacturing of footwear soles. Developed using the latest polyether based Polyurethane System, RymaSoft offers unprecedented comfort and longevity, thereby offering a lasting footwear experience to Indian consumers.”

With RymaSoftRymbal sets itself apart from its competitors as it was quickly able to capture the changing trend for comfort and offer a solution. One of the outstanding features of RymaSoft is its antimicrobial property, which ensures enhanced hygiene and a fresh feel for the user even with prolonged usage. The product complies with all relevant standards including SATRA.

Speaking about the product development process, Mr. Kumar said, “At Rymbal, we believe in pushing the boundaries through various initiatives from our R&D team. We have the best-in-class R&D infrastructure set up to meet the future expectations of Indian footwear users. This product embodies the relentless pursuit of excellence by our team, who have worked tirelessly in developing this product.”


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