Safety, Security & Hygiene in Enterprise Industry

Safety, Security & Hygiene in Enterprise Industry

By Mr. Kapil Bardeja, CEO & Co Founder- Vehant Technologies

With digitization of every aspect of running a business, trending technology like AI-ML has taken all the attention of business owners. They are looking for innovative ways to automate various aspects of business, be it logistics, retail, hospitality or in any other industry. AI-ML has a wide range of applications and researchers strive to discover all avenues of its applications in every way possible.

Enterprise analytics is the most trending application of AI-ML where this technology leverages data-driven decision-making and enables business leaders to make informed choices quickly to thrust sales, uplift productivity, and step forward in the market. Enterprises achieve data analytics by using techniques of data engineering and strategy building in order to drive business strategies and actions.

Data is the elixir. It is produced in outstanding quantities in the form of text, images, video, etc. No matter which industry you work in, you produce large amounts of data. The enterprises need to have a system that can comprehend the data and extract valuable information from it and give new life to the business. A system developed precisely as per an enterprise’s needs can track any spatial or temporal guidelines, fetch abnormalities and produce enterprise-grade analytics.

Video analytics is the most prominent technique used for enterprise analytics. It has given a new definition to the video data produced by enterprises and the insights that can be developed through its proper analysis. This technique is used in detecting various objects and actions such as the face, fire, smoke, equipment like helmets, harnesses, jackets, gloves, premise cleaning detection, footfall analysis, and many others.

Fire and Smoke Detection (FRS)

Fire and smoke can be proactively detected via the field of view of the detecting camera wherein such incidents are detected at an early stage. Well-built systems are capable of detecting incidents in real-time with high accuracy. Such systems are built using AI with computer vision and image processing techniques. Independent FRS as well as IP cameras built with video analytics uses trained algorithms on the image feeds to detect flames and smoke.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

Cleanliness and hygiene are required everywhere from restaurants to grocery stores and healthcare facilities. These are major concerns in the healthcare sector as well as quick-serving restaurants or fast food eateries. According to a survey, healthcare workers wash hands half the times they are expected to. Similarly, the restaurants lack basic provisions for hand washing in the kitchen and washrooms. Both industries face the challenge of detecting that the employees follow basic rules of hygiene while serving the clientele in their respective fields. This is where the AI and computer vision-enabled enterprise analytics solutions come into the picture and prove to be a quick solution to the prevalent issues of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Detection of gloves, hairnet/chef cap, and other items for maintaining hygiene can be easily detected using the enhanced techniques of VA. There is no need for human supervision to check the cleanliness of activities like washing hands, moping, table cleaning, etc. Furthermore, the solutions are self-capable by analyzing the images and videos and sending the alerts through emails or messages. The AI-enabled enterprise analytics systems interpret the video data round the clock to monitor employees for hygiene and cleanliness-related issues while they are at work.

Loitering & Pilferage

This is the most popular reason for using video analytics solutions in the enterprise industry. It is crucial for every industry to monitor the existence of people acting suspiciously. Enterprise analytics solutions for surveillance are very effective in monitoring locations in order to prevent theft. The enhanced solutions deployed at locations like the point of sale reduce pilferage and theft to a large extent. The solutions facilitate the loss prevention teams in detecting and identifying suspicious register transactions in real-time so that they can act quickly. Advanced video analytics solutions integrated with the retailer’s POS system offer clear insights when a suspicious transaction occurs and it automatically sends alerts.

Footfall Analysis

Video analytics data pertaining to crowd behaviour analysis can be effectively combined with business intelligence and can offer various insights for decision-making through footfall analysis. Sophisticated enterprise analytics can provide accurate and reliable data on footfall for the locations like stores, stockyards, etc. for specific premise locations by date and time. The analytics provide people count, and it can detect face masks, and send alerts if counters need additional manpower to cater to the detected footfall, if operational inventory in the manufacturing industry or logistics industry runs low and several other use cases. The solutions available in the market are enhanced to support the person to take localized decisions based on the footfall.

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