Samco Launches ‘KyaTrade’ – India’s First Real-time Stock Trading & Recommendation App

Samco Launches ‘KyaTrade’ – India’s First Real-time Stock Trading & Recommendation App

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen lakhs of new investors looking at equity markets as an alternate source of income but having no clue beyond opening their demat and trading accounts. Leading this disruption in an industry-first initiative, Samco Securities, has launched ‘KyaTrade’ – an instant trading ideas and recommendation App that live streams fresh, actionable, and high-conviction equity trading and investment ideas that come with a favourable reward-risk ratio. These are high-conviction ideas curated by Samco’s research experts along with solid machine-led execution strategy.

Starter pack at Re 1 for first month

KyaTrade has different solutions for investors and traders in the markets because both kinds of participants have completely different portfolios, risk profiles and objectives. Subscribers can experience both intraday and investment plans of KyaTrade at just Re. 1 for the first month.

Announcing the launch of KyaTrade Mr Jimeet Modi, Founder and CEO, Samco Group said, “Samco has always been at the forefront solving real-world challenges that investors and traders face in the equity broking markets. We believe that while entering the markets is easy as anyone can sign up for a broking and demat account, making a risk-adjusted source of income from trading or investing in the markets remains an evolutionary challenge. Investors and traders are always looking for expert recommendations and once they’ve taken a market position they rarely know the next step on their trade or investment. With KyaTrade we are solving exactly that problem.”

Describing KyaTrade’s capabilities, Mr Nirali Shah, Head of Equity Research, Samco Securities said, “Profiting from the stock markets is no easy task. One is competing with high-frequency and algo-traders for whom this is bread and butter. It could be as easy or as difficult as picking the right stock at the right time and making it a profitable investment or trade. With KyaTrade we are providing the only platform in the country that gives you high conviction ideas with auto in-built risk management system, that controls your price of entry, position sizes, targets, and stop losses. Moreover, we have different strategies for traders and investors making it a win-win for all.”

Don’t believe us, see our track record

Who is KyaTrade suitable for?

KyaTrade has 2 subscription plans with an ‘Intraday Plan’ for daily traders and an ‘Investment Plan’ for investors.

Intraday Plan

· Suitable for serious traders only, who are willing to dedicate their time to trading from 9.15am to 3.30pm.

· Minimum starting capital recommended – 2,00,000

· Strictly for professional traders

Investment Plan

· Suitable for everyone including beginners

· Minimum starting capital recommended Rs 2,00,000

*Fee Refund Guarantee

· Available only for KyaTrade Investment Plan

· 100% refund of the annual subscription fees, in case the user doesn’t make money in 100 equated trades on investment plan recommendations.

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