Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland bags ‘IIB Best Start Up Award 2022’ at IIB Business Conclave 2022

Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland bags ‘IIB Best Start Up Award 2022’ at IIB Business Conclave 2022Bengaluru, January 12, 2023: A trailblazing farmland project in India, Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland based in Hosur won ‘IIB Best Start Up Award 2022’ in the category of ‘Sandalwood Farmland Developers & Promoters.’ for its Return on investment (ROI) & nature conservation business model while its heavenly sandalwood farmland projects demand several breaths to be taken. Starting only in December 2021, the project witnessed an uptick in sales bolstered by the aesthetic aspects of the project.
One of the prestigious awards in the country, presented by Icons of Indian Business Magazine, a Bangalore-based publishing house. IIB Business Conclave 2022 concluded successfully recently at Goldfinch, Bangalore which witnessed several business leaders from a diverse spectrum of industries in India.
The Nominations to the IIB award were judged by a jury of leading industry experts in the country based on the landscape design, aesthetical appeal, and sustainability-driven farming innovations.
Delighted with recognition, Ajay, Managing Director of Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland commented, “Our one of a kind investment based farmland is gaining popularity in the country. The unwavering focus on our farms and our client’s needs attribute to our success. With over hundreds of nominations, Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland has earned the title as the Best Start-Up for the year 2022. I respect each and every nomination. I’m looking forward to redoing this again.”
As seen in recent years, Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland has received a substantial amount of investments on an unparalleled scale, from hundreds of buyers from across the country. The Sandalwood farmland based in Hosur is regarded to be the only Gated Community Farm Project in India that yields significant returns while the owner enjoys his stay in the farmhouse.
The investment in the farmland is highly anticipated to double in the next 5 years owing to the close proximity of Bangalore & Hosur’s industrial developments while big developments are already being made in the locality of Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland at a blistering pace by the Government of Tamil Nadu.
The returns to the investor range between 1.5 crores to 1.8 crores when harvested. Sandalwood is known to be the 2nd most expensive wood in the world and the price per kg today is estimated at INR 16,000 for heartwood and INR 4500 for Sapwoods as per the price today.
The farmland incorporates 4-star resorts & sports arenas within the community and in-house experts take care of the complete maintenance of the farmland. The owner will be offered a 50% discount on the 4-star resort that extends over 8 acres and the large sports arena can be used for more than 150 activities.
Located 1 hour from Electronic city, Bangalore & 1 hour and 30 minutes from Koramangala, Bangalore, and extending over 360 acres, Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland offers plots where an individual can purchase a minimum of 10000 sq ft in multiple and 70% of the land is subject to be leased back to Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland for sandalwood plantation and the owner will earn revenue for the next 15 years while the remaining 30% will be the owner’s magical farmhouse with a spectacular view of sandalwood plantation, the 2nd most expensive wood in the world. The entire process from the plantation, maintenance, and harvesting will be taken care of by Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland. Sandalwood trees are known to be the most sacred trees and are widely regarded to bring high returns.
Embellishing the house, the owner will be offered 15 fruit plants as complimentary, of which 4 will be Coconut trees and the remaining 11 will be planted as per the choice of the owner on the 30% land while the entire maintenance will be taken care by Sanvi Sandalwood Plantation. The perfect recreation for an owner to visit the farmhouse covered by a lush green garden and watch the plants prosper and grow which leaves a beautiful imprint in the memory.
Monthly income returns, capital appreciation on land, free maintenance that saves 15,000 per month, and Long-term returns on harvesting sandalwood plantations are some of the unique features of Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland. Owning a farmhouse like the one of  Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland, an owner has significant benefits like connecting with nature, the perfect weekend getaway destination, earning profits through crops harvested, staying away from pollution, hedging against inflation, high returns through long-term investment, and more.  Moreover, Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland offers additional services such as caretakers, horticulturists, Geologists, and engineering of the farmhouse as per the need of the client.
Taal Airport, the airfield owned by the renowned Taneja Aerospace, 45 mins from Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland, has been announced to be the domestic airport with land extending 1500 acres. Hosur to Denkanikottai & Hosur to Thally road is expected to be widened as 4 ways lane, the main access to TAAL airport. Denkanikottai to Panchapalli road is expected to be developed as a 60 feet road very soon. The industrial hub of Hosur which is home to the TVS factory, Ashok Leyland, Titan, GMR SEZ, Hosur Sipcot 2, and many more are located 1 hour from the farmland.
Reportedly, there has been a surge in the demand for farmlands owing to the trends of Work From Home (WFH), online studies, retirement paradise, and more. The owner will also have an option of renting the farmhouse to the 4-star resort operator for the guests which yields an additional income on the investment.
The first project to offer revenue-based farmhouses in the country,  Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland is touted as the ideal farmhouse with a tailor-made proposition where one can enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of 4-star resorts within the community while also growing colorful fruits and veggies.

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