SCOPE TALKS is back! SCOPE CEO and Founder Appalla Saikiran to host the 8th edition of the series with Prime Venture Partners

National, January, 31st, 2023: SCOPE, a new-age, holistic platform for budding entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, investors, and industry experts, recently hosted the 8th edition of SCOPE TALKS, an acclaimed series that has become a hit with emerging entrepreneurs, thanks to the in-depth insights it offers on various business-related topics.

The latest edition deep dives into the importance of building long-term sustainable startups rather than rapidly building unicorns. Hosted by SCOPE’s Founder and CEO, Appalla Saikiran, the session will feature guest speaker C. Mahalakshmi, Venture Capitalist and Chief of Staff at Prime Venture Partners. The session traced Mahalakshmi’s journey from being an entrepreneur to becoming a VC, and how a creator’s mindset helped her achieve her goals.

Further, SCOPE TALKS’ latest edition discussed how the recession and inflation impacted startup funding, the recent funding frenzy, the significance of entrepreneurs and investors becoming creators, and the diversity within the VC segment. A content creator on Instagram herself, Mahalakshmi shares interesting content on several VC and entrepreneur-related topics and believes that a creator’s mindset can be a game-changer for budding entrepreneurs. The high-spirited VC’s word of advice for emerging entrepreneurs is, “If you can’t define your product’s USP in one line, then it doesn’t have a USP.”

Appalla Saikiran, Founder and CEO of SCOPE, commented, “SCOPE TALKS was launched to share in-depth insights about the startup and investor ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs. So far, we have covered a wide range of topics with acclaimed personalities whose words and opinions hold immense value. For the latest edition, we had a chat with C. Mahalakshmi, a renowned personality in the VC community, who shared her valuable perspective. Her tips and advice come from her rich experience and wealth of knowledge with which she has shaped her career. The session is a must-listen for entrepreneurs who are looking to raise funds and work closely with VCs. We are confident that SCOPE TALKS provides direction and guidance to several budding entrepreneurs.”

SCOPE has conducted seven sessions with startup maestros such as Hina Dixit (AI and Metaverse), Amelia Sordell (Founder of Klowt, a London-based personal branding agency, and Kanika Tekriwal (Founder of JetSetGo). The series has received enormous traction from the startup community due to its indispensable focus on gaining clarity and debunking myths surrounding the entrepreneurial ecosystem and its principles.

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