SeniorWorld to Host Senior Awards Honouring Unsung Heroes of India on World Senior Citizens Day 2023

SeniorWorld to Host Senior Awards Honouring Unsung Heroes of India on World Senior Citizens Day 2023Gurugram, August 17, 2023:  SeniorWorldIndia‘s foremost platform dedicated to promoting positive ageing, is thrilled to announce the much-awaited second edition of the SeniorWorld Awards. These awards are a tribute to the pivotal role that seniors play in our lives and communities and are scheduled to take place virtually on August 21, 2023, in celebration of World Senior Citizens Day.

The SeniorWorld Awards hold immense significance as they recognize and honour the extraordinary contributions of senior citizens from all corners of the nation. This year’s ceremony promises to be an event filled with vibrancy, as seniors from across India come together to participate with remarkable enthusiasm. In a gesture that reflects the platform’s commitment to amplifying the voices of unsung heroes, this edition of the awards introduces special popular awards. The deserving recipients of these awards include individuals like Ravi Bala Sharma, Gujju Ben Na Nashta and Usha Soman, among other remarkable personalities. These unsung heroes embody the spirit of positive ageing and inspire generations with their actions.

The SeniorWorld Awards are designed to highlight exceptional achievements across a multitude of categories such as Education, Serving the Underprivileged, Art, Sports & Fitness, Environment, and many more. By recognizing excellence in these diverse fields, the awards underscore the multifaceted capabilities of senior citizens and their unwavering commitment to contributing positively to society.

Mr MP Deepu, Co-Founder & COO of SeniorWorld, expressed his sentiments about the awards, stating, “We feel honoured to recognize these outstanding senior citizens for their contributions to our growing community. They are an inspiration to us all, hence, it is important that we appreciate them, show our love, and make their golden years the best ever.”

The response to the SeniorWorld Awards has been overwhelming, with over 1000 nomination entries pouring in from different corners of India. The ceremony aims to convey respect and gratitude to senior citizens who hold a significant place in both families and society. The awards are a testament to the platform’s dedication to celebrating the rich experiences that seniors bring to the table.

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