Shiv Khera’s Dynamic Management Program Receives Acclaim from Top Minds at IIM Nagpu

New Delhi, 07th September 2023, India’s premier business school, IIM Nagpur, proudly collaborates with the renowned author, motivational speaker Mr. Shiv Khera for a transformative leadership program, to develop value-based leaders. The program has received high praise from IIM Nagpur’s top management, highlighting the importance of Attitude, Leadership, Motivation, and values.

“Shiv Khera’s leadership course was an eye opener and truly the best of its kind,” said Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, the director of IIM Nagpur.

Dr. Mukund Vyas, the Dean of Executive Education at IIM Nagpur, stated, “Attending Shiv Khera’s program was an extremely insightful and transformative experience for me. The principles Mr. Khera has shared are not just applicable within the academic realm but resonate powerfully in the corporate world as well. Companies that participate in this course will see a multifold increase in productivity.”

“Participating in Shiv Khera’s leadership course is a life-changing experience,” says Dr. Prakash Awasthy, Head of the MBA Flagship Program at IIM Nagpur. This program prepares our students for the challenges they will face in their personal and professional lives. The emphasis on character, values, and integrity ensures that our graduates emerge as leaders who have a positive impact on those around them.”

Shiv Khera’s leadership program, known for its practical insights and emphasis on ethical leadership, complements IIM Nagpur’s commitment to developing well-rounded leaders who make meaningful contributions to society. The collaboration of IIM Nagpur and Shiv Khera has resulted in a program that not only imparts skills but also develops individuals into visionary, and principled leaders.

As the partnership between IIM Nagpur and Shiv Khera grows, this leadership course will act as a catalyst for developing leaders who can change the world for the better.

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