Sony announces the new WF-LS900N Earth Blue color made from[i] water server bottles

Mumbai, 17th May 2023: Sony today announced that it will release WF-LS900N, noise canceling truly wireless earbuds, in a new color variation called “Earth Blue”. This follows the white, black color versions that have been available on sale since November 2022. This new offering has been created using recycled water bottle materials. A multipoint connection has also been released, enabling the seamless switching between the WF-LS900N series via a software update.

WF-LS900N will be available in “Earth Blue” color which uses recycled resin materials generated from recycled water bottles. Parts of the body and case of WF-LS900N in Earth Blue are made from recycled water bottle materials which creates a unique marble pattern. It was originally developed by Sony in pursuit of a new design expression with the aim of expanding the potential use of recycled materials from water server bottles.

The material has been developed uniquely for this product by taking advantage of the adhesive properties of the water server bottle material. The texture of the marble pattern was then created, with each product designed to have a different pattern.


In addition to the “Earth Blue” model, the whole WF-LS900 earbuds also come with the entire packaging being plastic free and the earbuds use recycled materials from automobile parts[ii], reflecting Sony’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their products.

Sony group is implementing a long-term environmental plan called “Road to Zero”, which aims to reduce its environmental footprint to zero by 2050. As part of this, Sony established the “Green Management 2025” environmental medium-term targets that will take effect from FY2021 through FY2025. It aims to accelerate efforts such as the introduction of recycled plastics, the reduction of product power consumption, the elimination of plastic from the packaging of newly designed small products, and the introduction of renewable energy.

Multipoint connection function to become available

In addition, WF-LS900N will also receive a software update to enable the multipoint connection function which allows users to connect to two devices at the same time. For example, if you are playing music on your PC and your smartphone receives a phone call, it will automatically switch to the smartphone call and you can make a hands-free call without having to switch connections.


The WF-LS900N in earth blue will be available only on Amazon in India from 17th May 2023 onwards.

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