SquareFoot Unveils a Fresh Brand Identity with a New Logo

SquareFoot Unveils a Fresh Brand Identity with a New LogoSquareFoot has been at the forefront of the Indian market for wooden and experiential flooring for 27 years, cementing its position as the industry leader. To celebrate this transition, they have unveiled a brand-new logo. A company’s logo is its primary communication with the outside world and serves as an essential visual representation of the brand. After almost a year of deliberation and thought, the fresh new logo has been unveiled in a bid to revitalize and strengthen its commitment to the design community.

The logo, which had been consistent since 2004, was designed for an upstart boutique brand in the conventional flooring segment in India. The new symbol demarcates the simple yet refreshing change and represents the current stability of the company and their ability to fulfil customer expectations.

SquareFoot’s new brand identity has a more modern and dynamic take on the existing identity. The new logo showcases the company in a stable, established, and contemporary space that fulfills customer expectations with impressionable products. The simple, monotone trademark serves as a symbol of clarity and simplicity amidst the complexities of the world. The elegance and simplicity of the new logo is what makes it so unique and refreshing.

SquareFoot’s commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation is reflected in its new identity. The departure from two common words to one word with an uppercase ‘S’ and ‘F’ makes a transition from a common phrase to a stronger brand name visually.

Mr Gaurav Saraf, Jt MD, SquareFoot, said, “With the new brand identity, our goal is to strengthen the brand and make a visual impact in the digital world as well as in the physical world, where a new era will dawn for our company. The new logo allows relief from clutter, feels open and accessible, and showcases the iconic colour legacy that revitalises the brand, making it relevant to the contemporary audience.”

Mr. Abhishek Saraf, Jt MD, SquareFoot, said, “SquareFoot as a company has matured, and it is only befitting that the brand image matures with it, hence the change. ‘Simplicity inspires deeper trust’ is strongly believed by the brand. The logo communicates that the company is ready for a deeper and more mature relationship with its customers. This transformation is an important step in our business strategy and matches the evolution we have embarked upon so far as a company.”

Their goal was to make the brand’s identity simple and impactful while still maintaining continuity and recognition. In times of change, SquareFoot’s specialization that came from years of knowledge and expertise and their commitment to delivering memorable experiences have remained indistinguishable.

Website: https://www.squarefoot.co.in/

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