Statiq unveils a new DC charger installed at sector 57 Gurugram Bikanervala and joins EV rally

Statiq unveils a new DC charger installed at sector 57 Gurugram Bikanervala and joins EV rally New Delhi, August 17, 2023: Statiq, India’s largest electric vehicle charging network, is sparking a new wave of sustainable mobility. The latest stride in their mission is the installation of two cutting-edge DC chargers at Sector 57 Bikanervala, amplifying their commitment to powering a greener future. Notably, this momentous occasion coincided with their active involvement in the EV Drive, a testament to Statiq’s dedication to transformative change.

The charging station at Bikanervala is equipped with one DC fast chargers of 60 KW, it can charge an electric car up to 80% in about 40 minutes only. Statiq has already installed 7,000 charging stations across different parts of the country covering 60 cities and planning to install 20,000 charging stations across the country by the end of 2024.

The EV Rally embarked at Statiq’s new Sector 57 Bikanervala station, culminating at Savoy Suites Manesar. Around 50 EV enthusiasts, India’s early EV adopters, joined the rally. Complimentary charging and RFID Cards were provided for the event.

Mr. Raghav Arora, co-founder, and CTO at Statiq said, “As we unveil the revolutionary DC chargers at Sector 57 Bikanervala and partake in the EV Rally, we embark on a journey of nation-building through sustainable mobility. The significance of robust EV infrastructure cannot be overstated. Our commitment to this cause echoes in every charge, as we not only power vehicles but also drive the transformation towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Mobility is at the heart of progress, and by fostering innovation and accessibility in charging solutions, we’re not just shaping the future of transportation; we’re shaping the future of our nation. Together, we are rewriting the narrative of mobility, propelling our country towards greener horizons, and creating a legacy of environmental stewardship.”

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