Stryder cycles launches India’s first ever Magnesium Bicycle

Stryder cycles launches India’s first ever Magnesium BicycleMumbai, 08 September 2023:  Stryder Cycles, a subsidiary of Tata International, introduces the CONTINO range of high-end alloy bicycles. The new CONTINO range brings eight new models with a variety of multi-speed options like Mountain Bikes, Fat Bikes, BMX, and High-performance City Bikes. This innovative line-up also includes India’s first-ever Magnesium bicycle 27.5 T Galactic.

Introduction to India’s First Magnesium Bicycle

The innovative CONTINO range includes the 27.5T Galactic, India’s first Magnesium bicycle, which seamlessly blends lightweight properties with advanced engineering to deliver a smooth and exciting riding experience. Magnesium frames not only enhance agility and maneuverability but also demonstrate remarkable durability in the demanding conditions of off-road cycling. Furthermore, the inherent vibration-dampening qualities of magnesium contribute significantly to a more comfortable ride for cyclists.

Rahul Gupta, Business Head said, “Stryder Cycles is committed to improve the cycling experience for its customers. With the launch of this new range, we introduce a new era of cycling technology, combining cutting-edge materials and design to revolutionize the premium bicycle market in India.”

Discover CONTINO: Premium Alloy Bicycles with Advanced Features

The CONTINO range features meticulously engineered lightweight alloy bicycles crafted from top-tier materials. Exceptional strength-to-weight ratios empower riders to conquer diverse terrains effortlessly. The latest models from the range raises the standard with unmatched versatility and progressive geometry.

These high-end bicycles boast Logan dual disc brakes to ensure impeccable braking performance, delivering the confidence and control needed for both urban commuting and adventurous off-road rides. Additionally, features like a Front suspension fork with lock-in lock-out technology guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride, adapting to varying terrains seamlessly. Inclusion of Pro wheel crank wheels and Shimano gear sets further enhances the bicycles’ efficiency and precision.

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