Sweettokenn(SWT) – World’s First Ever Token With Double Audit is Launching Soon on Sweetpad

Sweettokenn(SWT) – World’s First Ever Token With Double Audit is Launching Soon on Sweetpad

Sweettokenn(SWT) launch announcement

September 25, 2022, Sweetpad is happy to announce the launch of its new token called Sweettokenn(SWT).
The official launch is planned on September 27, on Pink Sale.
Sweettokenn(SWT) aims to provide users with a super convenient experience with the world’s first double audit system. 

As part of Sweetpad’s long-awaited partnership with ApeSwap, Sweettokenn(SWT) will be listed on ApeSwap after its launch on PinkSale.


Here are the main benefits people receive when investing in Sweettokenn (SWT).

  • Double Audit system:
    Steps involved in the process are as follows.


  • Internal Authentication: The first filtering of projects is carried out by our specialized team, which pays attention to some factors: Tokenomics, team, reliability, wealth, etc.
  • External Authentication: Second filtering is carried out by independent auditors, information about which is closed to everyone, thereby eliminating corruption risks.


  • AntyBot or Bot protection system.
    Launchpads are plagued by the destructive effects of bots. In some cases, bots purchase and sell tokens shortly after they launch, causing the price to fall, compromising the user’s investment in the project and the continuity of the project. However, in SweetPad, such bots are invalid since all allocations are carried out through the Whitelist. 


  • Ease of usage

Designed to cater to all audiences, including beginners with no prior experience in cryptocurrencies, our platform is incredibly user-friendly. The interface is clear and understandable. When referring to each topic, as necessary, we have placed charts explaining the material. In addition, the SweetPad Customer Support Center is regularly in touch with all the people who need our help.

  • 0 Extra Fess (0 TAX)

SweetPad is charging absolutely 0 fees for the sake of our investors.

  • One of The first launchpads in Metaverse.

We will build a building in the metaverse so that people can come and trade directly in our virtual building.

  • Locked Tokens

Reserve tokens are locked and controlled by a smart contract which will automatically unlock a portion of tokens. The team tokens will be locked from July until December of 2022, then they will be partially unlocked until December 2023 inclusive

  • Staking NFT to earn lotter tickets
  • Staking NFT to earch crypto (BTC. BNB. Eth)
  • Staking SWT to get guaranteed allocations

Who we are?

Sweetpad is a decentralized launchpad on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) for early-stage investing in projects such as GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse, etc.

Every launchpad has its specific economics. Our Sweetpad excels with its intellectual and secure economics based on a never-before-seen double audit model.

How it works?

  • 1. All shortlisted projects pass double audit:
  • 1st filtration: Projects pass our due diligence:
    – Products
    – Smart Contract
    – Tokenomics
    – Product Economics
    – Finance
    – Team, KYC
    – Prospective, Market Potential
  • 2nd filtration: Selected projects get final validation by an independent audit
  • Projects go live on SweetPad’s website – https://sweetpad.io/

Projects are being launched on SweetPad.

  • Investors are getting whitelisted via allocation. There are 2 ways to get an allocation:
  • Via SWT staking:
    – Purchasing SWTs,
    – Counting SWT via Sweet Calculator, and staking
    – Getting and allocation for all projects
    – Appearing in the Whitelist
  • Via NFT tiers staking:
    Purchasing NFT Tiers
    – Staking the Tiers and getting lottery tickets periodically
    – Participating in the lottery contest before each project’s launch
    – Winning and getting an allocation for that particular project
  • They are buying launched projects’ coins during their allocation period and selling them after their listing
  • As a result, the investors are getting high returns on their investments


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