Taxi bookings see weekly growth of 2.6% in Q1 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands,  April 2023 — Taxi Butler, the global leader in taxi booking technology for venues, today announces the launch of their Global Taxi Booking Industry Report for Quarter 1 2023. It features comprehensive data analysis into B2B taxi bookings throughout the last quarter, on a global and regional scale.

Some key highlights and takeaways include:

  • A 2.6% average week-over-week growth in Q1 2023
  • A 13.6% dip in bookings between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023
  •  ANZ and North America are witnessing substantial growth, surpassing pre-COVID levels, whilst the UK & Ireland, and Europe haven’t recovered so quickly from the pandemic
  •  Airports are becoming increasingly popular venues for taxi booking

According to the report, Q1 2023 experienced a 13.6% decrease in bookings compared to Q4 2022 and fewer bookings compared to Q2 and Q3 2022. The report revealed an average of 19% lower monthly bookings every month than in 2019. However, March 2023 had 22% more bookings than January 2023, and 2.4% growth was noticed between January and March, with the most change occurring in March.

Talking about the report, Taxi Butler’s Sales Director, Laurence Docherty mentioned that “despite the decline in bookings compared to previous quarters, the taxi industry shows signs of growth on a more granular level with positive week-over-week growth, and some regions surpassing pre-COVID levels. Some regions are coming out of the pandemic stronger than others, which is to be expected.”

The report was written to serve as a valuable source of insights, to support taxi business owners to better understand the global B2B taxi market, and to drive them to make data-driven decisions.

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