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TDI Infratech launches Tele-Consultation service under employee welfare initiative

Tele-Consultation service

TDI Infratech, North India’s leading real estate developer, has started an employee welfare initiative as the pandemic continues to distort the health and livelihood of the multitude. The group in association with doctors has begun to provide free teleconsultation to the entire family of TDI Infratech. The team of more than 500 employees and their family members, who show signs of COVID-19, can reach out on the toll-free number and get connected with the doctor for medication and home quarantine directions.

As suggested by many medical professionals, mild COVID-19 infection is curable at home. So, to ensure the complete safety of TDI’s employees and their family members, the group has come up with this 24*7 available welfare initiative. The facility will give access to doctors without stepping out of homes.

Akshay Taneja, MD, TDI Infratech, elaborating upon the service, said, “We have always treated our employees as family, and it is a time to support them and make them feel strong. The company truly believes in the virtue of compassion and care; we would continue to work towards the betterment of our community.”

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