The Body Shop’s ICONIC Tea Tree range will provide head-to-toe TLC to breeze through summer

Tea Tree

Mumbai,  April 2023:Summer is just around the corner, and the sweltering heat, coupled with excessive pollution that our skin is exposed to daily, is the recipe for acne, spots, blemishes, and an oily scalp. For those already struggling with these issues, summer can be a nightmare. The Body Shop, a British-based ethical beauty brand, has the perfect solution to combat these challenges, and it’s just two words – Tea Tree.

Tea Tree is the holy grail for skin and hair care, especially during the summers, and The Body Shop has an entire range of products infused with this incredible ingredient. The brand, which has long prioritised high-quality ingredients sourced ethically, has 18 products in its Tea Tree collection formulated with its Community Fair Trade Kenyan Tea Tree. This iconic range, which has been available at The Body Shop stores and online for over 20 years, will help you breeze through summer with flawlessly radiant and supple skin and gorgeous healthy tresses. Here are some of its key products from the Tea Tree collection that will offer head-to-toe TLC.

    1.  Tea Tree All-in-One Stick 

With most of us leading busy lifestyles where we’re always seeking convenience and efficiency, The Body Shop’s new Tea Tree All-in-one Stick Hydrator offers just what we need. This convenient and multi-purpose product helps in clearing skin blemishes, leaving it mattified and refreshed in just one swipe. It can be used as part of the daily skincare routine, base for makeup, or as a top-up to keep your skin happy throughout the day. Made with 95% ingredients of natural origin, the stick hydrator contains Kenyan Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid that smoothen uneven skin texture. The product is also Vegan Society-certified and is convenient, compact, and versatile, making it your skin’s best friend this summer.

   2. Tea Tree Skin Control Hydrator

Contrary to popular misconceptions, oily skin gets thirsty and dehydrated too. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree In-Control Hydrator comes to the rescue. It keeps the skin moisturised all day long without appearing shiny or oily. It gets absorbed into the skin instantly and transforms from a cream to a super lightweight hydrating liquid that leaves the skin feeling refreshed. Made with Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya, your skin looks visibly clearer and less shiny with the Tea Tree In-Control Hydrator.

   3. Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask

If only we could make our skin blemish-free overnight! Well, you can – with The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask. Formulated specifically for oily skin with Salicylic Acid and the brand’s Community Fair Trade Kenyan Tea Tree Oil, the 100% vegan leave-on night mask lets you wake up with clearer, smoother, soothed, and refreshed skin. The gel-like texture made without alcohol will leave no stains on your pillows/sheets and can be used 2-3 times a week.

  4. Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

During the day, we are exposed to particulate matter and dust from pollution. Designed to protect your skin against the adverse effects of pollution, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution combats blemishes and improves the overall condition of your skin. Enriched with Community Fair Trade Tea Tree Oil, the 100% vegan solution minimises blemishes and purifies the skin. All you need to do is apply a few drops of this elixir for oily skin and massage it gently onto your face and let it work its magic.

   5.  Tea Tree Mattifying Toner

Crafted specifically to get rid of dirt and grime and purify your skin, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Mattifying Toner helps remove makeup and cleanse your pores, leaving your skin mattified and clearer. It’s also completely vegan and ideal for everyday use since it doesn’t dry out your skin – it’s your oily skin’s perfect partner.

  6.  Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask

If you’re on the lookout for a product that will absorb excess sebum without stripping your skin and will leave it feeling clean and soothed, your search ends with The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask. It’s a rinse-off mask that is created with purifying Tea Tree Oil grown in the foothills of Mount Kenya, the mask calms acne-prone, blemished skin.

   7.  Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

Your cleanser is just as important as the rest of your skincare products. Especially when you wake up, or after a long day of being in makeup or reapplying your SPF, your cleanser is the one that helps rid your skin of grime, dust, and product residue. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash will be your skin’s best friend this summer, thanks to its clarifying properties that give you a squeaky clean feeling without drying out your skin. The vegan face wash enriched with Community Fair Trade Tea Tree Oil from Kenya is gentle on the skin, leaving it oh-so-refreshed.

   8.  Tea Tree Oil

Facial oils can work wonders for your skin, but only if you choose the right one with potent ingredients. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil, sourced ethically through its Community Fair Trade Program from Kenya, fights blemishes and purifies your skin, making it supple and radiant. Since it is steam-distilled and leaves the harvest site within 12 hours, it’s one of the purest, most potent oils and is suited for quick application. It’s 100% vegan, and the 20ml bottle is packed with the goodness of 15,000 Tea Tree leaves.

   9.  Tea Tree Purifying & Balancing Shampo

For anyone struggling with an oily, itchy scalp, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Purifying & Balancing Shampoo will be a blessing in disguise. Certified by The Vegan Society and containing 93% ingredients of natural origin, the shampoo is incredibly efficient as it leaves your scalp cleansed and invigorated. Made with Vegan Silk Protein and Community Fair Trade Kenyan Tea Tree Oil, only absorbs excess oil and doesn’t strip your hair/scalp’s natural oils. What’s more is that this product is in line with the brand’s sustainability philosophy, with the bottle made from recycled plastic.

   10.  Tea Tree Purifying & Balancing Conditioner

The perfect pair for The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Purifying & Balancing Shampoo, this conditioner will leave your hair softer, lighter, and hydrated, so you can swish those luscious locks around. It contains Community Fair Trade Aloe Vera from Mexico and 97% ingredients of natural origin and repairs your strands and restores moisture. The conditioner is certified by The Vegan Society, with the bottle being made of recycled plastic from the streets of Bengaluru.

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