The Decor Kart Launches Exciting New Additions In 2023 for the Home of your Dreams!

Since its establishment in 2015, The Decor Kart has gained recognition as a national home brand, offering an array of luxury finds that enshrine style, sophistication, and durability. Breathing life into living spaces, The Decor Kart is a vehicle to leave your mark and bring out the “you” in your dream home. Add a touch of homely glamour with The Decor Kart’s newest pieces, from vintage table lamps to intricate light pendants, that rejuvenate the interiors of your home for the perfect auspicious start to a bright, memories-laden year ahead.

Classic Banker’s Lamp – INR 3850

A Banker’s Lamp is a style of electric table lamp that is characterized by a brass stand, a vintage-styled, lime-green glass lamp shade, and a pull-chain switch. Introduced in the early 1900s, the lamp got its name when financial institutions embraced it and ordered the lamp in huge numbers. The institutions considered that green was psychologically soothing and enhanced concentration and focus.
Angel Cherub – Tiffany Lamp – INR 48000

A Tiffany lamp is a type of lamp with a glass lampshade that is made of intricately cut stained glass pieces in a mosaic pattern, illustrating elegant, floral designs. Tiffany lamps are one of the most coveted pieces of antique American lighting and are considered part of the Art Nouveau movement. The twin pull chain adjusts the lamp’s twin light sources. Illuminate both to brighten a room or just one for subtle, cozy illumination. Place a Tiffany lamp and enjoy an ambient light that shines through the patterns of the lampshade.

Butterfly Glass Pendant Light- INR 4200

Add a touch of ethereal elegance with this beautiful light, perfect for any room, as its animal-inspired design will make you feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. Best of all, the soft warm light it gives off makes it the perfect addition to any bedroom.

Loft Stair Bar Hanging Light- INR 34000

The simple and modern design of this bar pendant light will not be obtrusive and can be easily connected to various pieces of furniture. Simple installation, no wiring required, easy to install. The light is bright enough to make it fantastic for your daily use and provides extra safety in your room, bedroom, kitchen, garden, and so on.
Classic Blue & White Porcelain Vase- INR 6800
Decorative and highly sought after, blue and white porcelain brings the nobility of ancient Oriental design to your home. Crafted of hand-thrown porcelain, this uniquely-shaped vase has been finished in the traditional cobalt glaze and features geometric motifs. Painted in rich white and blue, the product illustrates the intricate and ornate details that make ancient pottery so revered.

Curate a home that enshrines your individuality with The Decor Kart, making sure that your home is unique, just like you. Add accents of sophistication and distinctive elegance this year to your home with modern, one-and-only finds that highlight every facet of your family.

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